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The "aparcacoches" or "gorrillos" are now causing a menance on Calle Ramon y Cajal and Calle Zoe. There are about 12 of them demanding money to mind your car and if you don't pay they are causing damage to cars and breaking into them. Businesses and residents are complaining that they are drinking and using drugs and urinating and blocking up the pavements. This is the first time these particular type of beggars have appeared in Torrevieja. These 2 streets are used by people for parking while going to the beach.

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I haven't seen anything more reported about it but I am sure like the other street sellers it would be impossible for Police to patrol the area 24/7 and these people won't give up their easy money while the tourist season is in full flow. As you say all you can do is alert people that its goung on and to stay away from parking along there.

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