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The exact route of the 18km time trial hasn't been announced yet. All it says is that it will leave from the salt works and finish in the town presumably at the Port. I am sure they will probably circle around the lakes and take in as many of the town's tourist attractions as possible. It does say however it is on the flat. Bee
Another bit of information has been released. The vuelta begins Sat 26th August in Torrevieja with a time trial. The start is at the saltworks and finish will be at the Dique de Levante in the port area. Some 3000 people will have to be accredited and all this work will take place at the International Auditorium. Those taking part will arrive in Torrevieja 3 days before the commencement of the race. I am sure the place will be buzzing. ... 61542.html

Manc-Mark if you pause this video a few times you may get an idea of the route. It leaves the salt works and will presumably head up around The 2 lakes and come back down to La Mata and back up along Carretera Torrejon down past Los Locos onto Habaneras along to the end of the town and back up Gregoria Maranon and into the port. It is 18km long and starts at 18h50 and ends at 20h30. ... 1283688562 ... index.aspx

Me too as it coincides with our hols. I haven't ever seen the Vuelta but have been many times to the Tour de France mountain stages. It is hard to beat l'Alpe d'Huez for the atmosphere so I am hoping the full caravan of advertisers and sponsors will precede the race particularly the Cocoa Cola truck etc.

Another bit of info re 3 free car parks at Friday market, ITV centre and Torrevieja Hospital and a free bus service from car parks into Hotel Fontana or bus interchange at Eras De la Sal from 3.00pm to 9.00pm Town bus service is suspended from 3.00pm to 9.00pm. There are various activities starting from today in conjunction with the Vuelta. You can download maps and info here from Town Hall. ... a-07-g.jpg ... index.aspx

Another update
It's a Team Time Trial and each team consists of 8 riders. There are 22 teams.
The first team off will be at 18h56 and I am presuming the next 21 teams will have an interval of approx 3mins. The circuit will take 15mins and the last Team leaves the Salt Works at 20h15 and is due in the Port at 20h30.

Remember it is considered a flat stage so the teams will be past you in a flash.



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