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By Info
San Juan is always the 24th June and is a fiesta. Alicante do their crema and Palmera on 24th but Torrevieja usually do theirs on the night of the 23rd.

By Beardyboy
The last few times we made the effort to book a restaurant so that we could enjoy the fireworks....there weren’t any....none! The taxi driver told us “ no dinero”. No money! That was a few years ago now so I am keen to know if the fireworks have resumed as we always enjoyed them.
By Info
The only community that now erects a hoguera is Calvario de Molino around the Calle Azorin area. The Town Hall banned the fires on the beach last year because of the threat to the nesting turtles and the mess which the council had to clean up next day.

Alicante city is the place to be if you want the real St Juan Hogueras/Fogueras fire festival and especially the night of the 24th and from 25th its a week of fireworks competitions.
Programme for Alicante
There is also a San Juan Feria de Toros during the festival

By ann
Last year Torrevieja had no bonfires on the 23rd June, and very few people having a barbecue on the beach. The previous year a lot of bonfires and barbecues, but these have been banned now. It wasn't as enjoyable a spectacle last year, but for health and safety better.

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