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By Jmwilk
Can anyone recommend where to buy a gazebo cover for a standard 3 x 3 gazebo. O r if you could recommend someone who could make one although I don't have a template as my old one was torn to ribbons. Please pm me if able to help. Thanks
By strolling_minstrel
We got one made by someone who works with Hnos Garcia. We had to give the model of the gazebo.
It cost more than the original gazebo did in it's entirety but is superb quality and definitely won't rip in heavy winds. More of a strong canvas than the normal but it was, ISTR, somewhere just under 300 euro.
By Jmwilk
Thanks so much Strolling_minstrel. Did you do it direct through Hnos Garcia? I bought the gazebo from Leroy Merlin two years ago. It would be cheaper for me to replace the cover than the whole gazebo as I am a single household and would have to pay someone to take a perfectly good one and construct another. Your help is much appreciated. Judi
By strolling_minstrel
I went to see the salesperson at Hnos Garcia and they took the details from me.
Although I think there's also someone at the Lemon Tree market on Sundays who does them.
By jimny1
Dont bother with the cheap gazebos at leroy merlin
We bought two and both got destroyed in the winds
The first the material ripped, and they said it was not under guarantee , only the frame
The second was the frame, and when we tried to claim they said it was not covered because of the winds, they said they should be taken down when windy, which is not feasible,and besides because we bought online through a flash sale we needed to claim online, which we tried to do but they rejected the claim and when we tried to appeal they never answered our e mails , so we gave up
Ironically the spanish staff at la zenia were very sympathetic wanting to refund us , but an english jobsworth woman working there as a senior member vetoed it
We ended up buying a good solid framed flat roofed concertina gazebo that can be retracted when its windy

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