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By martin57
Hi Everyone.
I suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees and hands. Does anyone have any remedy to help east the pain. Thank you in advance Martin
By TVTechnology
My dad has a similar problem with his hands. Tried different medication without much success.

Takes it upon himself to try CBD oil, puts a couple of drops under his tongue a day. Calls me a week later & says ' you won't believe this', but after 3 or 4 days, I saw a greater improvement with this than the entire time using the doctors' medication? ... ol-oil.php there are different strengths available, and there are also balms which you can rub into a specific area. Ultimately it's a holistic treatment, so shouldn't be any side affects - so whilst not a 'cure all' on what i've heard seemingly might be worth a try. Bit of googling research. Should you find it beneficial, you can actually make your own oil - topic for another day.

Also, more as a long term strategy, diet can make a difference. ... itis-diet/
By royazul
Taking CBD oil cured the arthritis in my hand and has helped the osteoarthritis in my knees. I also use cannabis paste on my knees.

Have a look at Herbal Alternatives on Facebook.

I purchase my oils from the UK, find it cheaper
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By Wendy
Definitely CBD oil and balm I couldn't survive without it as I am allergic to a lot of pain killers.
By Info
This one comes up on a Google search

Florprohibido, 41 Calle Maria Parodi. They have the oil and the paste and the plants according to their Menu there is also a grow shop in Los Montesinos and I am nearly sure I saw one in Zenia Boulevard.

By Adey
I have a few aches and pains which just come with age, but my Spanish neighbour has Osteoarthritis, she gave me some of her remedy to try and it worked brilliantly. What she does is get an empty wine bottle with a screw top, fill it up completely with the marijuana flower/seed tops plus the leaves, then fill it up with rubbing alcohol from the chemist, leave it to ferment for a month and it's ready to use. Basically you just rub it into the areas that hurt, but don't use it a few days before you fly as airport customs dogs also like it, you can grow your own marijuana in Spain for personal use, there is a maximum amount of plants you are allowed, but can't remember how many.
By Info
Great recipe Adey. It seems to be a similar principle as poitín in Ireland which is used in the same way. Zurgno CBD oil is legal in Ireland and can be bought in health shops etc. What is not legal is THC which is the opoid product of cannabis. THC would be sold for vaping and oil and is what those with certain illnesses like parkinsons or seizure sufferers are requesting be made legal for medical reasons in Ireland.

By zurgno
Thanks for that Bee so could you tell me a good name or product that I can get in Ireland, better still if u can recommend a particular shop if u want to pm. Me cheers
By Info
Zurgno I don't use it myself so haven't a clue about different brands. I do know that the health food shops are now stocking cbd oil. Holland and Barrett are also stocking it. It is probably a good idea to go to one of the specialist shops as they will be able to give you advice on what to buy.

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