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By retire1day
Hi All,

I am looking for a person who can lay fake grass. level the garden out etc and who is good at this job. I have been chasing someone called Richard but he does not reply for whatever reason. I am in the Villamartin area. Any information would be well received.
By retire1day
Thanks, I am in the UK so a bit difficult to look around in Spain... By all accounts this other person is good, not sure why people can't just send an email stating too busy, too busy drinking, playing golf, don't need anymore money or whatever the reason is.
By retire1day
Yes, I know it will cost thousands, even phoned this Richard but does not answer his phone, probably best to avoid him. I have another company going around to have a look, a reputable Company from what I can see but they want 50% upfront and although they have a website etc giving 50% up front goes against my grain. The people operating in Spain are probably a franchise of a big company, look like they were set up last Summer in Spain and so on.
Looks like there is an under supply of artificial grass fitters down there.
By woodhai
Retired lady, which company did you use. PleasePM me if you don't want name them on here. Were they based in Los Montesinos?
By retire1day
Easigrass. Es Think they were up that way. Grass has been there over 1 year now, very professional, did everything on time, sent photos all the time by whatsapp. I had the 42mm grass put down, one that was part of gold award at Chelsea flower show. Now I do not need community gardeners, turn mains water off when I leave so save about €400 a year but more importantly it looks great, better than slabs.
By retire1day
Further to my last point they were the only artificial grass professional people I could get. The community gardeners said they could do it but did not have a clue of how it should be done after wuestioning them and the other one who had done other gardens in my area replied to one email and then no more, never answered his phone etc.
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