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There was talk some time ago about moving the market from its current location to another place (think it was Councillor for the Coast at the time - Martina .... ?) , until Orihuela realised that the planned new location was private land and not owned by the Council.

It is just under a 10 minute walk from where I live and it is a popular market for the surrounding areas. Perhaps to popular now for its current location ?

However not for the first time on a market day, emergency vehicles (Policia Local giving SAMU a blue light and siren escort) this morning struggled to reach the market location. The side roads that lead off of the market road and other roads that lead onto the side roads have parking on both sides. Many of these roads are narrow and the only opportunity to allow traffic to pass is where there are entrances to peoples driveways.

The parked vehicles on these roads seem to be a cumulation of cars belonging to those who live on the market road who move them for the market; market stall holder vehicles; visitors to the market and people to lazy to park their vehicles in their gated communities even if parking is available.

If its a struggle for police and ambulance vehicles, then there is little hope for a fire engine getting through on some of these roads.

If the market stays in it's current location then access for emergency vehicles to the market and surrounding roads really needs to be reviewed.
I was at the market this morning when an ambulance had to come down through the market with a policeman in front guiding him through. It is not ideal where it is especially for the people living on that road. Maybe it could be moved on to the land that the old high school was on or the road leading down to the Flamenca C.C other than that not sure where's it could be moved to.
A SVB ambulance with sirens and lights going headed to the market location a couple of hours later as well today.

With so much council land having been sold off in recent years to generate income for Orihuela and enable the contruction of unwanted properties, I guess relocation in close proximity to its current location central to Playa Flamenca will be extremely difficult.

I see in local media that the FAOC (or is it FOAC ?) organisation and residents of Cabo Roig want the Thursday market there relocated due to the rubbish that it generates blighting the cliffs and the road where the market is held. There was also the additional point due to there being no toilets that stall holders where relieving themselves in the bushes along the coastal path.

The proposal from the organisation/residents was that the market should be relocated to the section of the parking area at Zenia Boulevard (closest to bridge over AP7 to Villamartin opposite Decathlon/Leroy Merlin) which is the owned by the Council.
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