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By tonygold
i usually use COYS but i am being quoted €500 for hire (incl full insurance €0 excess) from 26th june till 11th july. collection and return to alicante airport.

i really don't want to risk a minimal insurance with another company but i see car hire offered for less than €100 for this period from firefly etc but then they want around €28 a day extra for full insurance.

can any of you wise peolple advise a way round this without leaving myself open to being ripped off when i return the car with supposed 'faults'? i have heard you can insure in the UK but have also heard car hire company's will not let you take a car without their own excess insurance.

any recommendations or advice gratefully received.
many thanks.
By mrmedia
It is the game. You can buy annual cover against claims on your credit card deposit. This cover costs between 30-50 a year depending on company. I usually go through Martin Lewis' site to reduce the risk further.

This means you can put your own deposit down and enter the den of car hire companies. In exchange for this extra risk, you can get car hire cheaper.

COYS is well recommended, but such a reduced risk costs more naturally. You are buying and selling risk.

A company cannot insist you buy their cover in addition to the standard cover. They pressurise you, but if you have annual insurance, ignore them.

If you come once a year, go with COYS. If you come regularly and don’t mind medium risk then buy your own insurance.

If you do enter the den of car hire companies, you then have to work out which companies are more likely to hit you with a false claim. These vary from airport to airport. Alicante is usually ok, but if you go with a ultra cheap service be aware there is more risk than with a solid provider like Centauro.

To me, it is all about the level of risk you are comfortable with.
By retire1day
When you look at the cost of a car and the devaluation, how many weeks of the year are they rented out etc you know these companies can't afford to rent them for peanuts. I ended up buying a car in the end mainly because I got fed up with the hassle of being stitched up when I got to the airport. Full tank of fuel for over €100 and you only use €20 etc.

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