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The visits to the saltworks recommence this Friday 15th. The times from the Paseo Vistalegre are 10.00, 12.00,14.00 and 16.00 and the price is the same as last year. The duration of the visit is 50mins. This year two important pieces of the original machinery of the works have been restored. Namely the only remaining train engine which would have been used to transport the salt wagons to the Port and a flat barge used to maintain the electricity supply across the lake. ... 27121.html Bee
Is there a ticket office to buy tickets for this? We had a look but could only find a sign for the noddy train saying 'buy tickets here' (in Spanish), but nothing else. Probably are looking in the wrong place so would really appreciate some guidance if possible. Many thanks.
Despite saying it was running all the time when we went on Thursday last to get the train the lady said it is not running at the moment and might be back next week. We took a tour of the submarine and customs ship instead which was a great hit with two 6 and 8 year olds. Well worth €7.50 for 2 adults and 2 children. It is rather sad to see the Pascual Flores in such a bad state. It was beautiful when they had restored it some years ago. What a shame to let it rot after spending €5 million on it. Bee
The little tourist train will not be running this summer as the contract has expired and a new tendering process was not initiated in time. The train will still be doing the Saltworks tour as that is a private 4yr contract between the saltworks and the owners of the train. The saltworks tour is to recommence tomorrow Fri. Just another balls up for the tourist season.

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