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We have been with tv horadada for years and have 50 mb fibre optic internet with a fixed line with free spanish calls , and two mobiles 200 mins and 2 gb internet all for 40 euros per month

They have now been taken over by Avatel and to get a similar package with a faster internet, that we dont need will cost 58.90 , thats 39,99 for just one mobile 20 gb and unlimited calls and 19.99 for the second , with 8 tv channels that we also dont need as we have free spanish tv via an ariel and uk tv via a satellite dish and neflix
We called them to see if we could stay on the same package and they said yes for now but we need to change soon to one of their new packages
It will mean a 50 % increase to stay with them
If we could find another company offering what we have now at a similar price we would change, but we have paid for fibre optic to be installed and it was a lot of trouble to get it wired up and have been trouble free most of the time
If anyone knows or has a better deal with another company i would be grateful if you could let us know
We are in the blue lagoon area
We are with T.V Horadada and where paying 46euros for 100mgb plus phone, our 18 month contract was past so we went in to the shop as a neighbour had signed up.
The latest offer was 300mgb for 9.99e for 3 months then reverts to 24.99e, phone is 4.99e

Go in to the shop and ask what offers they have on, as they dont contact you with the latest offers.
Thanks deb
Unfortunately it doesnt cover what we already have and want
My wife had a long conversation in spanish with them the other night, the head office is in murcia now not not pilar, and they e mailed her all the plans available
To get the same that we already have will cost us 59,99
Thats why i am asking if anyone knows another company offering similar but not at rip off prices
If i stayed with them i would expect not to pay more for what i already have, but they are unwilling to do this
Oh dear, this is news to me.
We too are with this firm but only use their internet connection ,paying €24.99 monthly. We were unaware of any changes so will call into the shop and make enquiries. Our internet is superb even though we do not reside here, we decided to opt for their service but certainly would not wish to be obliged to pay anymore.
Good luck.
I will ask friends who their provider is and if I have any worthwhile info,I will update later.
We are also with tv horadada (over 2 years now) and are happy with the service but I wouldn't want a price increase like the one described. If that happened we have the option of going with ole who also provide fibre optic in our area (Punta Prima).

Do ole provide internet in the Blue Lagoon area? If not, it could be worth checking at their office as their fibre optic coverage has increased over the last 2 years.

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