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By vincemulvey
Hi all
im driving from Calais in june to benijofar with my 2 small dogs and I know its been answered many times but can anyone tell me of good hotels with 3 stops en route that you have enjoyed and would recommend
Thanks all
By Info
You don;t say whether you intend coming down west coast or east coast of France. Here are some suggestions from my "might come in useful some day file" Aviator has given some very good advice and recommendations. I can't credit some of the posters as I haven't kept their names - sorry in advance. Bee

The Accor group own a range of hotels that allow you to take a pet into your room for 1 or 2 euros extra. The cheapest is Formule1, then Etap, then Ibis, then Mercure and the most expensive is Novotel. Depending on what you want and how much you want to pay. They are often on the same complex

At busy times book your hotel in advance (can be done up to 100 days in advance) and choose ones that are near the Motorway

by Aviator » Thu May 15, 2014 8:23 pm
We travelled from the UK via the Eurotunnel at the end of April. £79 for the 'Chunnel', €1.26/L diesel in France, €1.259/L for diesel in Zaragoza (Eroski). Spent our 1st night in the IBIS Poitiers Sud (€79 including dinner + charge for our dog) and 2nd night in the TULIP hotel Zaragoza (€64 including dinner + dog). The Tulip hotel is very good value, large room and higher standard than the IBIS. We used some toll roads but our overall spend on tolls was €36.

From Aviator July 2017
We travel between the UK and Playa Flamenca with our dog twice a year. We prefer the Eurotunnel because it is quick and the dog remains in the car with us. Normally, we catch a train around 07.30 a.m. and drive as far as Poitiers on the first day, arriving at the Ibis Sud hotel around 16.00 hrs having stopped three times en route to exercise the dog/have a break/eat/etc. On the second day we drive south through Angouleme and join the motorway just north of Bordeaux. We then stay on the motorway as far as Irun (Just over the Franco/Spanish border) where we take the N121A to Pamplona. From Pamplona we take the motorway to Zaragoza where we make our second overnight stop. We usually stay at the Tulip Hotel which is conveniently located near the motorways and is very good value for money. On the third day, if we leave Zaragoza around 07.30 a.m. we arrive at our house in Playa Flamenca before 01.00 p.m.

We have tried taking different routes, three overnight stops, one overnight stop , etc, but the above arrangement suits us best. I would recommend arriving at your overnight stop no later than 04.00 p.m. as this gives you plenty of time to exercise the dog, have a drink outside in the sun before going to your room to shower/change and get ready for dinner around 07.30 p.m.

The above info should enable you to estimate the overall cost of driving from Calais to the Torrevieja area for comparison with the ferry option. We travelled via Rouen, Chartres, Tours, Poitiers, Angouleme, Bordeaux, Irun, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Teruel, Sagunto, then the free inland motorway to Elche and La Zenia (1170 miles).

Papag » Fri May 16, 2014 11:45 am
Agree with aviatiors as a good route but I now use from Pau over the pyrenees(fantastic views) via Somport tunnel(free) then following Zaragosa signs to Valencia on the A23 around 450 miles never have stop apart from breaks, great roads when you get away from the mountains, total toll cost zero.

We have never booked a hotel always just turned up, we try to use Ibis if we can as their pet charges are really reasonable
By gail1
I must admit it is now a few years since we had our dog...firstly it depends on what time of day you intend arriving in Calais (if that is your plan), we always came on the 5.50am Eurotunnel and that gave us a fair amount of time on the first day to get some distance down France, with two drivers and plenty of "comfort" stops for the dog en-route. We always avoided anywhere near Paris going via Rouen and made our first stop north of Clermont Ferrand, and I would recommend Le Moulin ds Gardelles at Mozac (a logis de France hotel), not the cheapest but very dog friendly. Our second stop would be at Le Boulou, Le Neoulous hotel a bit run down in many ways, but clean and usually a good meal and once again dogs more than welcome and that is on the border between France and Spain (French side) and some wonderful walks from there along the river and round a lake, after that I think you could easily do the remaining distance in one day. Hope it is of some use to you.
By vincemulvey
Thank you both
I have done it myself before but thought you might update me.i have had four stops.
I get through channel tunnel at about 2.00pm ( 3 in French time.) 1st stop le touquet, then orleans, onto Millau and last stop sitges then onto benijofar. do you feel I could do it quicker, there is only me to drive as wife would rather sit in the back with the dogs and instruct me how to drive lol. the one dog is not a good traveller so I keep driving to a min
what do you all think
thank you and regards to you all
By gardner8
Normal route for us with dog is 12 noon ferry from Dover, 1st night stop Ibis est pontlieue at Le Mans, get there around 6/7pm, 2nd night Huarte ( near Pamplona) at the hotel iriguibel, both are wll maintained and have good size rooms and restaurant, 3rd night home.
By gail1
It sounds as though you do a very similar route to us. We have tried many ways but still prefer that way going down. Coming home we are inclined to come back to the border then Toulouse and Limousin just for a change of scenery really, but it is no shorter if anything a little longer. If you look at the logis-de-france website there are some lovely small hotels and inns mainly family run and most of them welcome dogs. We are lucky with both of us sharing the drive and our dog was a wonderful traveller so made it a lot easier. Enjoy your break.
By Elly May
Hi Everyone,

This is very helpful to us too as having recently bought again in Spain we are coming over for a month in June with both our dog & cat!

Elly May 😎
By gail1
Elly May, driving through and stopping at places in France is a pleasure when you have a dog, they are so animal friendly in most parts. We used to have trouble finding places to stop in Spain other than the chain type hotels near the motorway, which if you want a nice walk for your dog is not always ideal, so if you can make your last stop on the French side of the border you may find it easier. Good luck with your new place.
By vincemulvey
Hello all
thank you for your advice.
I have booked my trip or should I say I was told the route by the wife lol
I am staying le touquet, tours, montabaun and finally sitges. Then onto benijofar
Roll on June
this is a great webite
By gardner8
Just for general info the hotel iriguibel at Huarte is a family run hotel and has a park and river running behind it, we have never been charged for our dog.
By vincemulvey
Hi gail
the hotel in Spain we stay at is the santa maria in sitges, just down from barcelona
( nearer to our area than the French side )100 % dog friendly, can eat in restaurant and rooms with no problem. the foods great and well priced ,the beach is over the road and you can walk the dogs along the entire length of the front with no cars. Its a bit like guardamar front
By gail1
Hi Vince, we no longer drive with a dog, sadly ours passed away, but I have been asked by friends of anywhere I know so I shall keep a note of your one, very handy to know. Thanks
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