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By Sheff_Blade
Just reported off the coast of Torrevieja. Anyone experience it? Any damage reported?
By stebel
Yes it was a 4.0, 18kms off the coast of Torre, 10kms under the sea......we felt it as a big one just off los locos ........ :roll: Check on web
By Adey
That makes it almost 190 years to the day (21st March 1829) that Torrevieja was destroyed by an earthquake.
By Bill Posters
Thought it was a heavy truck going past...... BTW: sometime, hopefully not in our lifetime, the mother of all earthquakes is said to be likely along a continental shifting fault line that runs from Turkey right through to the Atlantic off Gibraltar..... in which Torrevieja, the Costa coastlines would be in the 'direct line of fire' so I read. Don't shoot the messenger.
By Deb64
My husband said it was one last night when we felt it but I dismissed it as a truck going past, how wrong was I .

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