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By Newmaney
Seemingly gone under the radar of many of the local papers but a new government decree regulating rentals (including holiday) came into effect last Wednesday.

Anyone else knew about this ?

The main points I have picked out from an article in the local press:

- Minimum length of contract has been extended from 3 to 5 years or 7 if landlord is a business.
- Tacit renewal has been extended from 1 to 3 years.
- After mandatory renewal period - landlord must give 4 months notice and tenants 2 months notice to terminate contract.
- Government price benchmarking on rental rates against market.
- Changes to evictions of the vulnerable.
- (Holiday rentals) - Building's apartment owners collectively can place limits on the use of apartments for tourist accommodation.
By Info
Yes Newmaney these were rushed through just before the general election was called. It is expected they will be reversed by any incoming government. Bee
By Jimbo1916
As I said, it was reversed on the 20th January and the general consensus at the time was that it will be put re-presented ... which it has done.

It`s been re-negotiated, voted on and made into law on the 1st of March 2019 so I can't see it being reversed a second.
By Info
It will depend on the make-up of the next government as it was seen as sleight of hand the way it was put through just before the elections were called and as it had been voted down and reversed 2 months previously. Bee
By Jimbo1916
Bit of a nuisance really because we have one Danish property owner who rents to mainly Danish and they are are nothing short of animals. Other Scandinavians are as good as gold.
When the chance of only a 3/5 majority was brought in on the 14th Dec last year to stop them renting I thought ..`Hallelujah`and the vast majority of the other owners thought the same .. I included it in the agenda of our AGM in February to be voted on and probably passed .. But two weeks before the meeting new amendment was rescinded. !!!!
Now it`s back again and hopefully it stays so we can stop the bugger renting next year .. He was warned at the AGM that if no improvement is made this year ... He is finished.
The amendment was designed to make it easier for a community of owners to stop problem renters which probably a lot of communities have their fair share of.
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