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The doctor at campomor now will not do my medical form, go to the one Torrevieja she said so does anyone know of any medical centres that do medicals for license.
Thank you.
Arrived for my appointment with my D4 form to be told they could not do it they did understand it that’s after they told me they could do it, so that’s the end of that.
Any doctor registered in a EU country can do it if he can understand the form.
Years ago I used a doctor in Alicante but now he’s finished.
I’ll do in the UK next month.
By pshassall
The medical centre on top of the pharmacy, close to the doctors, does everything you need for your license. My husband had his done a few weeks ago. They will also do the photograph if you need one for your license. They did the medical and got everything sorted. Very good service.
Is this the doctors above the pharmacy on the roundabout at campamor near Comsum.
If it is I was there Monday they would not do it form to completed for them.
By pshassall
Yes, that is the place. Can´t understand why you had a problem. Maybe because my husband was having his done due to him reaching 70 and a medical was needed to be able to renew his license.
By Bill Posters
The YouTube video is very good. I wish I had the benefit of it beforehand: Mine was done last year at an office on Ramon Gallud… not far drown from the church. It’s what they do. I wouldn’t describe the test as easy. However, had I known what to expect I would have handled it better. In fact, those who say it is a walk in the park do a disservice.

You are ‘interrogated’ nicely as to your driving experience and annual mileage, accidents etc. The health questions are sensible but enquiring. The eye test was okay but the unexpected dazzle to see how quickly your pupils adjust light to dark was a challenge. As for those two little wheels and keep the blob on the road, a nightmare. As I said to the nice lady, 'it is like driving recklessly down to curvy mountain roads simultaneously'. The tunnel was a little challenging too. I would say that the staff attitude was exemplary ~ and, I passed.
By solwayiceman
Hi RDC, why don't you just exchange your UK license for a Spanish one will save you a fortune in the long run. I did was not wanting to give the doctor in the UK £150 in 2008 so changed it to Spanish one at a cost of 40e, saved me money every 4 years.
By Bill Posters
I checked it out. Calle Caballero de Rodas No 38 and an alternative is Calle Ramon Gallud No 11. You need to call in, presumably with an existing license and book appointment.
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