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Noting Beardyboy's call to arms, let's not take for granted the things we do on a regular basis.

Anyone who is out permanently or as a yo yo will attend regular events and meet up with others. I’m always on the look out for new ones. Tennis, padel, walking groups, dance classes, language exchanges etc.

What things do you attend?

I play padel down at the Montepiedra Tennis Centre Monday, Wednesday and Friday where anyone can show up and play social padel from 10am-12 for €6. They do coaching on a Wednesday for beginners as part of the deal.

I also play social tennis at the Campoamor Golf Club with Steve Durie (Jo's brother no less!) Thursdays 3-5pm and Sundays 10am-12pm. Turn up and play. Steve also does padel coaching at the golf club from 10-12 for beginning players on Saturday mornings which is €8.

All of these have a nice coffee and natter afterwards and I find them all welcome for you to dip in and out of events as they run.

I heard of a walking group that runs out of Guardamar. 20k hikes into the mountains, sounds fun to me!

What do others get up to?
Padel is a racket game played by Spanish which the older ex pat has found can be played at any age due to the lack of need for rapid running or skilful racket shots. Played with a swingball bat and a flat tennis ball the ball is still 'live' if it bounces off the glass so it’s quite an easy game. The flat bat means anyone can hit a decent shot and hard hitters get penalised due to the bouncing off the glass rule.
Thank you for that explanation, I am impressed.
I,myself am the world’s worst sports person but my husband is the opposite.
I believe he may be very interested in this sport and perhaps we will pop down to meet with you as we are going to Torrevieja on Tuesday.
I am meeting with friends this evening and will tell them all about your fascinating new game, they have a house in Quesada and will be keen to hear this news.
Do pleased that you took the time to share this with everyone , perhaps we may get some comments from other members.
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