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By Jimbo1916
Beardyboy wrote:
Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:06 pm
Ok Jimbo.the central heatingidea sounds great but just how easy is it to havethe system installed into a town house...3 stories. Do you have gas or oil? Roughly how much should I expect to pay? You seem to be the person to advise us so please do just that. Everyone else would like to walk into warm rooms throughout., you seem to believe that your investment has paid off, assuming that you installed it and not previous owners. I imagine everyone would like a rough idea as this seems to be the best option.
It`s electric central heating ... It doesn`t have to be oil or gas. Each radiator has it`s own built in timer and thermostat.
Yes oil or gas is much cheaper but not everyone can have it. Electricity is much more expensive I know and it`s one of our biggest bills .. But as I said .. what price comfort and it`s only for a few months of the year ... hopefully. The fitted carpets have also made a big difference .. No more freezing cold tiles.
By Info
Whatever your heating system it says there is a polar air mass which will bring temperatures to 0 to 2 degrees during early morning hours today and tomorrow. It was at minus at 6.00am at Alicante Airport this morning. Daytime temperatures will also struggle to reach double digit figures. Bee
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