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By medler
Hi, I would really appreciate your advice re all in one printers compatible with iPad , with low running ink costs.
Look forward to hearing from you.
By freddo
My advice is if you are looking for low running costs the have a good look at Colour laser printers
I use them for 90% of my printing , I have a Mono Laser HP that I use for all my documents that do not require any colour and have an Oki full colour Laser for all other printing I use a stand alone scanner as well .
By Jimbo1916
Okay if you have plenty of room ...... not many people have room for two printers and a scanner.

I have a Canon MG 7750 all in one. Excellent all round printer and cheap compatible cartridges.
By medler
Thank you so much. This is exactly what I need.
It reassurs me that I will be able to use reasonably priced compatible inks for this model.
Thank you again.
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By hashtag
I use an Epson XP442. WI-FI and Air print compatible so you can print direct from your ipad. Print quality is excellent and works with compatible cartridges.
By medler
Thank you so much. This all in on printer has good reviews. It is nice knowing that one can use compatible inks and that it works with iPad.
I have made a note of this model. At present I am trying to finish the many inks which I have for my present printer. I will go to Cyrrys /PC world and see which one is more compact.
Many thanks again.
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By cyclemad
We use an all in one HP desk jet.

We belong to their inks subscription scheme whereby we pay 2.99€ per month for 50 copies, you can rollover unused copies up to another 50, and HP send you original inks in time before your cartridges run out.

You can change your subscription monthly if you need more copies from time to time or pay 2€ for an extra 10 copies.

This drip feed payment is not missed and you get the proper inks for the printer.
By TVTechnology
A little trick / tip

Anything that uses a single cartridge will use more ink than separate cartridges, as will run out of one colour before another, necessitating an early change.

If you have a power cut/blip - THIS IS ANNOYING, as often the printers go to reset and do a clean/deep clean cycle and seem to take 5 mins odd to sort themselves out before can print again. This also uses ink pointlessly. Deliberate and if you have power that trips, annoying! You can work around with a UPS back up power supply.

Before you buy, get on ebay and make sure you can get cheap compatible cartridges, with a chip for your model of choice - this is key for saving as ink your key cost component.

For home use, I use an Epson Maxify MB2250 - probably a new model available now, does scanning, photocopying has a 2 paper storage trays, which is handy of you need to print volume, does double sided and pretty quick - I think any of the main manufacturers are fine, check Amazon reviews etc - AS LONG AS YOU CAN FIND THE CHEAP CARTRIDGES!

Also if buying ink sets, double up on the black.

I did consider laser printer for home, but looked at the drum/head replacement costs which were not incosiderate, nor were the availability of cheap cartridges (or cheap enough) when I looked, seemed to make more sense (economically for home) to use an all in one inkjet.


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