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By Info
I have put the sentence in bold fred.

Since: July 2009, with the last amendment in May 2015
Essentials: Owners must wait until they have registered to start rental activity, and have to start renting within two months of registration.
Points to watch out for: If you manage five or more properties you must register as a Tourist Company. Further applications for registration in the districts of Ciutat Vella are suspended, whilst the government discuss the protection of environment and culture in the area.
To register your property: Download the application forms and present your Declaración Responsable at a local tourism office, online with an electronic signature or at the post office. Owners must also now get permission from their local town hall before they can register.
Documents required: Property escritura (title deed), First Occupation Licence, passport or DNI (national identity card), company escritura if you are registering as a rental management company.
Note: Registration codes for private owners start VT and managers and businesses EGVT. Followed by a code for each province.
The Valencian government have produced an excellent guide for holiday rental owners to help them get registered
By ic
freddo wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:28 pm
I have found a little more information on this site and I see that as of July 2018 you do need the TownHalls consent before you can register but I believe this only applies to Touristic Apartments ... g_10102018
Earlier in this thread, it was mentioned that you can let out your property at the same time as applying to register - are we now saying that you can't let out your property until you've informed the local town hall and had it authorised by them?
By Info
There is an article in the Diario Informacion which says Torrevieja Town Hall will only be requiring a certificate of habitacion/occupation and a copy of your escritura in order to issue a tourist licence for tourist apartments. The article can only be accessed if you are a subscriber and I am not so I can't see the whole article. The Town Hall site has no mention of it yet. ... 73785.html

Is this a new requirement that Town Halls must also give the green light before you can get a licence?

By Info
I was thinking the same meishka. As we don't have the full information yet we simply don't know. It may just apply to those requesting the licence from now on. Current licences don't have end dates.

By Info
I came across this information which says the period for self declaration to register a tourist property has ended. From 8th July only the Town Hall can authorise your property for tourist letting. It says as there are 542 Councils/Town Halls so there will be 542 different regulations! That accounts for Torrevieja only requiring your licence of occupation and a copy of your escritura to register. "En la Comunidad Valenciana, hasta ahora, para inscribir una vivienda turística, con la declaración responsable bastaba. A partir del 8 de julio de 2018, con la nueva ley de turismo, ocio y hospitalidad será necesario que el Ayuntamiento respectivo autorice el uso turístico para que pueda inscribirse. Habrá, por tanto, 542 soluciones diferentes. Tantas como municipios tiene la Comunidad Valenciana" Bee. ... sticas-vt/
By meishka
I never knew that it was self declaration before! Does this mean you don't need to register at Alicante anymore and you don't need an EPC certificate do you know? I'd send you a PM info but I don't know how!
By freddo
You have to remember that this information is published by a firm that market rentals in parts of Spain and is 1 persons interpratation of the rules ,another person will see them in a different light and I still beleive what he is talking about are Specified Touristic Apartments as defined by the Valencian Government and they are a lot different to 2 story apartments in and around Torrevieja also a lot of the holiday rentals in this area are detached and semi-detached properties which have never been classified as Touristic properties by definition

It needs a better legal person than this person to give a definite answer in my opinion .

Meishka if you are intending to rent or sell your property then you can not do it unless you have an EPC that is the law of Spain
By Info
In the absence of anything from the Town Hall it is difficult to know what is going to be required. The Town Hall has a unit of the Policia Local since 1st August 2017 who are checking apartments in locations in the town which are known to be areas offering tourist rental accommodation. This is a pilot project in Gandia, Alfas del Pi, Torrevieja and Peniscola ... b46b3.html I presume the thinking behind it would be if owners are doing this without registering then they are not paying tax on the income. Meishka I don't know the answer. I expect what it will mean is you will have to go through another loop before you can register. Probably have a stamp on some form or other from the Town Hall when you are submitting your form to Alicante for registration. It may be as Fred said that it only applies to certain categories. I don't think Torrevieja Town Hall wants to rock the boat as the town depends very much on tourist rental and they seem to want to go for light touch regulation. The bottom line though is if you rent an apartment as a tourist let then you must be registered. The Town Hall now knows from the register how many are registered so far. I read in some article or other that registration is now at a very low 16000 for the town out of a possible 120000. Bee
By meishka
Thanks, I am registered and have been for 3 years. Just trying to get my owners to do it too. You get so many conflicting advice from so many different solicitors its hard to know the truth. For instance you are supposed to submit quarterly tax. But my gestor, who is very well known, insists hes only going to do it yearly like he has been doing! Also some sites say the certificate of habitation last 10 years but I keep reading it last 5 years for the purpose of the tourist licence . Again my gestor says its 10 and we are ok!
By Info
Meishka trust your gestor. He is well used to making his way round Spanish bureaucracy. The late Bill Hayles from costablancaexpats was a great believer in the services of a gestor. I may be wrong on this but maybe gestors have different rules when they are registered for online returns as a person's fiscal rep. They probably only upload to Hacienda at certain times of the year. Bee
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