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dave c wrote:
Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:22 pm
looks good smg, will direct debits etc, still come off?
It also says that it will not be free if you don't maintain the digital profile. what does that mean?
Not sure what digital profile means but I think you have to log in and maintain your password safe etc. If you're in Spain g in and speak with your bank or have an online chat which is available once you're in your account
By dave c
Hi again,
tried to chat online thru my account and got the message they only
reply in Spanish - if I have questions, then I can call into my branch, or phone.
Think I'll wait till I'm back out and go into branch.
Thank again.
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Or you could have Google translator to hand. Put all your questions in Spanish and then copy and paste the reply into translate?
By dave c
I think I'll wait and see someone face to face. The application site also asks for a digital signature - whatever that may be!
By solwayiceman
Hi just checked my acc with Bankia and find mine is totally free don't pay anything. Been with them since they were Caja Murcia then BNM all of 10 years and never been charged for cards or going overdrawn. So I will not tell them anything just leave it like this.
The digital signature is a special code which enables you to adjust the level of your credit cards and anything else on your acc.
Got to be savvy when working with banks here, does help if you speak Spanish though and smile and don't get angry. Good luck
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It does appear as if there are no rules and the banks make their own decisions on the accounts.
I speak Spanish and went into the bank and confirmed all the details with them but think I've always paid for a debit card
By Paulwps
Robbers .
Charge for everything.
Just charged me over €90 to transfer €400 from my deceased wife's account
To mine, charged handling charges for her frozen account. Had over € 600.
Charge for a credit card every year.
Decided to stop paying my water bill,even though loads of money in the bank,
Until I was cut off, and had to pay €300 to get it reconnected.
Bandito's of the highest order.
I hate them !
By dave c
Correct Paul! This is the reason I want to change , on readiing more about the cuenta on account, it appears I would need to pay either 400 euro or 200 euro every month into the account to get direct debits paid for free.
The detrimental exchange rate for such a small sum would negate the free offers, so, back to the drawing board!!!
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I'm really surprised about that as I asked whether direct debits would automatically transfer and be free of charge and as far as I was informed there were no charges at all.
Might even have something in writing but not 100% on that.
It does seem to vary from branch and customer
** Not saying they are the greatest bank either but for the moment the terms suit me. As soon as that changes I'll be moving banks again!**
By dave c
you're bang on SMG, Ithink that's the answer to it all! still, I'm back out in 2 weeks, so I'll ask at branch.
By SenorHillsy
I am a non-resident. Originally I was with Bancaja who were taken over by Bankia. After paying some quarterly charges I complained and Bankia offered me an account whereby I kept 2,000€ minimum balance the account would be free. That was fine until this year where I noticed some small charge in February.

When I came out in May I went in and queried it where I was told I now needed 5,000€ minimum balance but I could have free banking if I opened a Cuenta On account. They wouldn't let me open it until they saw a P60 with my national insurance number so that had to wait until our June visit.

In June it took 45 minutes to go through the opening process for both myself and my wife and they made a deduction of around 6€ for doing this. I was also told I do not need a minimum balance apart from being in credit. All my direct debits were transferred over and the bank account number changed but since then I have paid no charges.
By Paulwps
The robbers charged me account handling charges for six years on my deceased wife's account
Even though it was frozen when she passed. Then charged me €94 to transfer the remaining € 400
In to my account.. Bar stewards !
I hate them with a vengeance !
By dave c
Hi all,
We came out last week, went into branch and changed to online acount. All direct debits etc. Changed too. It took about ten mins and all we needed were passports, so, hopefully no more acc maintenance fees!
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