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By kenbowns
So sorry to hear such bad news, it beggars belief under the circumstances that all 7 did not win their cases, you must be well and truly gutted to have spent all this time and money to be given this awful news, your views on Spain must be very tarnished.
By Info
Tony that is very depressing news as Ken says it is unusual if all the cases are the same that 2 were singled out. Wait until you hear what the reason was before you give up on it. Bee
By Josie
I'm so sorry Fly, how could they come to such a decision! I remember standing on my roof terrace watching the bulldozers arrive and Colinas del Lago being built. Now after all these years and all the stress suffered you are still being denied justice. It is so cruel.
By kenbowns
Following Tony's (fly) last post informing us all of his terrible news, I am over at my place in Spain at the moment and had the time to re read all the story from the very first post way back in 2005.
It really does make your heart bleed for these poor people caught up in this scandal, how these companies were allowed to trade and some still trade today is unbelievable.
Has anyone actually ever been charged with any criminal activity ? other than Audrey Dixon.
I met Tony about 10 years ago and shared a few beers with him and a few friends, how he has kept up the fight for 13years is astonishing, although he and others were being fraudulantly dealt with I always felt that deep down justice would have to prevail once the right lawyers stepped in ?
To hear that Tony has lost his case is very upsetting to say the least, hope an appeal yields a result, you certainly deserve it Tony.
By Fly380
Now wait for it. The 2 of us that lost are appealing but wait for it Sr Aroca is appealing the decision of the five that won. Anything between 6 months and 2 years at least. What a farce. :D
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