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By robo
Ole starting to annoy me used to be OK pay €30 for as they say guaranteed 6mb as I need to use for TV. From nearly every early evening drops to Just below 2mb which means TV buffers every now and again. I'm using smartiptv. If switch to BBC or ITV player using vpn live TV does not buffer why's that, anyone else find OLE poor. You have to physically go to the office and kick off to get them to do anything
By TVTechnology
Hi Rob,

A VPN stops the internet service provider seeing what service you are connected to. This in turn stops them having the ability to 'throttle' a specific connection portal. For example you could have 100Mbps internet & if Ole decided their network resources are running low, then they can throttle the specific portal or IP address they target, but when you run a speedtest it won't show up.

In summary when using a VPN they can't see what you are doing, but they can when you are not. This would indicate an ISP network or throttling issue.

Also Ole, much like many local ISPs do much business with expats. They buy in data to distribute and the locations we are dealing with are 'holiday resorts' - meaning the population or their customer live base may increase 100% over the summer months, so they walk a fine line between balancing data and how many customers using - in the summer it doubles and then your internet can have issues.

Ole are one of the most complained about ISPs I have seen across the forums over the years, so not a surprise. You will see dips of speed and stability at peak usage times, this time of year will be worse than winter, as they buy in data for x thousand, but the summer increase in population they probably don't buy enough in - if they did, you wouldn't be down to 2mbps.

They'll deny everything - standard issue, would suggest that ultimately it may be worth shopping around for a better provider - perhaps best to speak with nearby neighbours - 2Mbps is simply not acceptable.
By chrisz
Been with OLE for over 5 years - never had a problem with them. Like Conrad we're on fibre and get our UK TV in our package.

In the UK however, TalkTalk............................
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