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By dave c
Just got back last week.
plenty of empty seats.
I was row 3 middle, missus row 16, middle, I was only one in row 3 so she moved beside me.
The lady across the aisle paid £15 to book her seat and there was spaces all round her.
Just luck I suppose, but I've not been on a full Ryanair flight for a while.
Maybe people getting fed up with all the silly little changes - like this latest one.
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By Sheff_Blade
Conrad wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 2:41 pm
Ryanair have cut the free check in period from 4 days to 48 hours before the flight from 13th June this includes all existing bookings
If you're not bothered about sitting together then it's best waiting as long as possible any way. The automatic seat allocation picks 'middle' seats until they're all gone, so then starts on window/aisle seats. This assumes you prefer window/aisle of course!
By ann
I usually check in about 12 hours before flight and many times i get row 16 or 17 which are exit seats. The front rows and exit seats are usually the last allocated to passengers, you will usually have a few of these rows free on flights.
By Burrababa
Ryanair offers flights from £5.99, but charges a flat fee of £25 if an infant is sitting on its parent's lap. :wink:

Name changes with Ryanair cost £160 (£115 online).

Kayak travel expert Neil Cartwright urged passengers to 'consider the full cost of their flight rather than just the ticket price'.

He said: 'It's on the extras and mistakes where low-cost carriers really make their money. A name change can end up costing £320 for a return flight.

'In these situations, my advice is to check if it's cheaper to simply book the entire flight again.' :lol:

My advice would be to regulate the airlines :roll:
By Burrababa
pete evans wrote:
Fri May 25, 2018 4:27 pm
I have flown with Ryanair for years. Never a problem. Learn the rules. If you cant use a Computer get help. You cant regulate about people making mistakes.
This is not about knowing the rules---this is about legislating for fair rules
By Burrababa
pete evans wrote:
Sat May 26, 2018 8:41 am
If you dont like what they do dont fly with them, plenty will.
If we use your logic---we would still be sending children down chimneys ! :roll:

Transparency and fairness for the passenger should be the number 1 priority for all Airlines after safety ----and the Government has just announced plans this year to look at improving legislation should this be necessary. A Government spokesperson specifically mentioned Ryanair and referred to the charges I mentioned in my previous post. Ryanair replied that all their charges are transparent on their website - generally making the same point that you have - but the spokesperson said they were aware of all Airline websites and felt that they would look to see whether there is need for improvements.--So we will have to wait for the outcome whenever that happens.

Anything that can improve the travelling experience is always welcome. :wink:

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