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By Burrababa
Should larger people have to pay more for their clothes?

I know we have had discussions similar to this about airline seats and weight allowance --but do you think this will become acceptable by stealth ?

Some have said it is reasonable to charge more for a garment that uses more fabric. Others see it as a "fat tax".

Plus-size model Nyome Nicholas-Williams told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme she felt the application of higher prices was discriminatory.

"Some people don't choose to be the size they are - or height. If you have to pay extra money [for clothes] subliminally it feels like you are being told you have to lose weight," she said.

However, Anna Scholz, a plus-size fashion designer, told the programme there was a limit to the size range that could be produced for the same price as it can take twice the fabric to make the same shirt for a larger size as a small one.
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By Wendy
Its not as straight forward as it sounds, as a slightly overweight person I have very often paid more for clothes in bigger sizes, most shops only sell up to a certain size after that you would have to go to specialist shops, and in Spain it is almost impossible to get larger sizes, they dont charge less for petite sizes so I am sure it probably works out as swings and roundabouts.
By Burrababa
Yes --that is how it currently works

but here is the question------ do you think it would be fair and acceptable for people to be charged more for larger sizes??

and by inference smaller /petite sizes would be cheaper
By soapydave
yes, I think so...............
if you go into a fabric shop to buy a length of cloth , 1meter would be dearer than 1.5 meters,
you pays for what you get,yes a overweight tax would be good it would encourage people to keep fit and eat healthy ,and over weight people who know they would spill over into someone elses airline,train,bus seat should pay for two seats, its only fair,
I thought there was a fat tax , on sugary drinks etc?levied buy the government ,
people who have a medical condition ,should be exempt on production of a cert, those that choose to be overweight should pay,
there goes my daily :lol: beer allowance :lol:
By Burrababa
Thank you soapydave--

The reason what people think is that I do think that if this acceptable logic to be applied in products and services that we pay for-------then before long it will be applied to all products and services----many we take for granted at the moment ---bus/ train/plane /cinema seats etc etc

------and whether fair or not -----it will without doubt make life a little more complicated for everybody :shock:
By TVTechnology
How about airfares - as this is really based on weight?

A little while ago, when checking in, I got a roasting over being 0.5kg overweight on the luggage. That combined with my bodyweight was around 65 or so KG.

Guy in front of me was a 'man mountain' probably 150 kg+ So I say to the checkout lady - 'its hardly reasonable being nailed for 0.5 kg of luggage, when the guy in front of me is 2-3 time my weight'? I said it should be combined weight - so if lighter, you get more luggage allowance - I suspect many will not agree with me :wink:

We all know if people are unwell and have gained weight because of this, then is understandable - but in the real world the majority of people are obese as they have allowed themselves to be, through being idle, bad eating, lack of exercise etc - this costs the NHS more than any immigrants :D :wink: As do the legal cigarettes and alcohol.

I think there is fine line to tread, but the fact is if you are a lazy sloth, then you should pay the price as such, and IMO others should not bear that responsibility for increases in their costs/insurance/healthcare and clothing.

Education, food companies, parenting - got to start at the beginning.

What I have struggled to understand in the 'general weight gain' is peoples 'self preservation'. When I have put on a little weight, at some point in time, i've looked in the mirror - or got on the scales, known full well my belly is getting bigger an it's no one else's fault, given myself a kick up the backside, cut down eating bad food, make some effort to do exercise etc. Later on, I fall off & repeat - but the fact I keep myself in check stops me falling too far - I don't understand people who allow themselves to balloon up and just ignore all the obvious health issues.

The amount of people who I see with knee problems and the first issue is they are twice the weight they should be. Strangely enough, if you were half the weight then your knees a would be under less strain - common sense. Not enough of it about....
By Kinchy
Having sat on planes whilst on my way to work overseas, there were many times that the person next to me was taking almost my seating. This really peed me off, not because of cost because my firm paid my airfares, but the fact that my space was invaded by someone who really should be charged for 2 seats not 1.
Nothing could ever be done to change the situation because as was probably the case with TVTech the PC brigade would be in rages about "fatism".
TVTech makes a very good point about lack of exercise etc, but the over riding point is that nowadays we have people who cannot cook and have never had the mentoring to know how to cook, because the education systems stopped domestic science and therefore those leaving school in the 70's and early 80's had no idea about nutrition and healthy eating, and that has filtered down to their own kids.
One only has to look at ANY McDonalds on a weekend day to see the kids stuffing themselves with all on offer before going home to sit in front of the silent baby sitter called the Internet.
Strange is it not that the UK population's health was at its very best during wartime?
TVTech your points are absolutely spot on.
By Jimbo1916
I know some people are fat because of medical reasons and therefore can`t help it, but I think obesity is mainly self inflicted.

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