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By Kinchy
The PM has apologised for the massive deplorable actions against the descendants of those that arrived in the UK at the request of the then government to supplement the workforce following the losses of WW2.
This scandalous treatment of those people who are British to the core is a national disgrace and a mere apology is simply not good enough!
Now maybe she should consider resignation (she instigated the actions as Home Sec in 2012) as well as the dismissal of the Home Secretary Amber Rudd.
The treatment of those descendants of the Caribbean arrivals has been incredibly disgusting and shameful to say the very least.
The whole debacle is a stain on the conscience of Britain, and apologies are nowhere near enough to placate the anger I, and possibly many others, feel on this matter.
By Mrs Nelson
What a Great job uk politics is

Do a mediocre job in one dept and then get promoted to the top job


Poor bugger on the politics show today, had been here legally for decades, and had to pay for the cancellation of the flight that was going to deport him.

The uk is just starting to resemble the USA far too much,
By old boy
The Home Office is still not fit for purpose, and hasn't been for as long as I can remember. Even the then Home Secretary, John Reid, said so not long after Blair sent him in there to try to sort it out, but he failed like most Secretaries before and since.

However, this current problem has it's roots back in the 1971 Immigration Act, a long time ago. That Act meant that all those who had come to the UK from the Commonwealth and had been granted permanent residency and the right of abode in the UK, plus unfettered travel within the Commonwealth, needed to apply for British passports.

Most did, and they, and their children, grandchildren, etc., have no problems. It is those that, for whatever reason, chose to or ignored this requirement that are now considered to be "undocumented".

It is the way that the chaotic shower of civil servants (not so civil in many cases) have dealt with those trying to establish their rights to live in the UK that has caused the problem. There is no joined up thinking in the department, and they don't use the initiative, possibly because they don't have one between the lot of them, to use the other government departments' records to assist the claimants.

It is far from being just the Home Secretary's fault.
By Kinchy
I agree ob, but isn't there the old saying, for example on the desk of a CEO
The buck stops here.
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