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Here you can discuss anything that you wish.
( Within Reason !!!! )

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By Mrs Nelson
Maddie McCann Jimbo ?

Freddo please advise jimbo, where about in the forum rules does it say that I can’t talk about the uk on general chat, on a forum used widely by people from the uk .


General Chat
Here you can discuss anything that you wish.
( Within Reason !!!! )
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By freddo
You are correct Kev as it says within reason but it's the insults I refer to keep them for PMs otherwise people will not want to visit and join this forum if they see it is full of posters insulting each other
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By Jimbo1916
So do I.

It's only a forum for goodness sake. The majority who post on here have never met any of the other members. Some have and wished they hadn't. :lol:

Not you Fred, you've done my mate Brandboy many a favour. Now he can turn his laptop on all by himself. :D

I've said many times on here that politics behind a keyboard can make or break friendships, so I'm offering an Olive Branch and am willing to admit that JC would get my vote any time.

I think his shows were absolutely brilliant .... I think the one with Steve Martin was one of his best. :lol: :lol:
By Mrs Nelson
Sorry brandyboy, but it’s you who causes the trouble on here, you would cause a fight in an empty house.

If you stop baiting me, I’ll stop talking to you,

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