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By Kinchy
This is a tweet by Alan Sugar (5.5 million followers) and now the Marxists are calling for him to remove it and apologise - sickening dual standards from Mc Donnell especially after his foul mouthed rant against Esther McVey Marxists = Anti Semites
By Kinchy
What a great leader he could be, his comments today about May waiting for instruction from the apprentice bloke, brilliant.

What a great leader he could be - what an absolute piece of delusional pony and trap.
That turd of Socialist slime would ring his mate in Venezuela to ask if he thought it might be a good idea, in between Maduro fending off the starving kids and asking Corbynski to send emergency supplies of Aspirin
Comrade Corbynski would have to wait until Momentum gave him his orders and that would be after the NEC had met.
In the meantime, Assad had killed even more kids with his chemical weaponry.
The German nation had the same affection for a certain similar man in the 30's, and he also was an Anti Semite.
Comrade JC will do anything to try and deflect his problems by issuing forth his pathetic comments regarding the USA - well, he would soon be running to the US for help if the UK needed it.
A terrorist loving and supporting piece of garbage like Corbyn has no place in a civilised world let alone be the leader of HM Opposition.
A cretin in all its glory = Corbyn!
Come on Kev - give us your supporting back up for Comrade Corbyn! That is of course if you have the intellect to do so :lol:
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By Jimbo1916
Don't bite Kinchy. He comes on here whinging and whining......Oh please leave me alone :( :( ...... and yet posts crap like this. :lol: :lol:

He's a windup merchant.....pure and simple...a no nothing nobody. :wink:

His only saving grace is that he's a good singer. So was the Yorkshire Ripper. :D
By Kinchy
You think he is a good singer? I have heard him and if he was that good he would be on BGT.
A Karaoke night is the top attraction.
Yeah, look what happened to the Ripper :shock:
By Kinchy
Ah we have now gone from "please leave me alone, you are always insulting me" to you showing that you are the prime insult merchant here.

Infantile codes, that one must assume make you feel clever, when it only makes you look very silly.
You openly stated that Corbyn would make a great leader, purely based upon your insult to the democratically elected President of the U.S.
Well Corbyn has had no influence on the decision taken by HMG and the chemical weapon installations have now been bombed. If it were left to Corbyn, he would have invited Assad to Islington and have tea and beetroot sandwiches with him and Thornberry, whilst Assad's killers were carrying on their work.

You used the very important word PROBABLY when mentioning a faction. So no definitive proof it was CIA, so perhaps it is you that should present facts to support your claims :oops:
Perhaps it might be better for you to actually research what is happening in Maduro's Corbyn supported country, before presenting your own somewhat dubious news?
You must be thinking yourself akin to Mystic Meg to know what is fake news and what is not, and your choice of words shows a distinct lack of vocabulary .
I would strongly hazard a guess that I have seen more of the world than perhaps you, and I do not mean two weeks in Miami. Having worked in several nations and being able to speak French and Spanish, leaves me able to treat your inane comment in the manner it deserves. :lol:
As for the childish "shit from bun loaf" - well obviously you must have been around both to easily identify them :lol:
By Kinchy
Read the facts regarding the state of Venezuela - no probables in there eh?
True I have never met you, nor would I wish to :shock: You really must read postings before submitting your platitudes. I said I would hazard a guess of seeing more of the world than you.
If I were to know your every thought as you say, I don't know what I would do with the other 23hours and 59 minutes :lol:
Your convictions are plainly there for all to see by virtue of your vitriolic Tory hatred and support of your anti semitic, terrorist embracing Marxist cabal called Labour.
(Hamas and Hezbollah are our friends - now I wonder who said that)
Boris Johnson is far more well travelled across the world, I might be wrong but I think a lot of it might have something to do with his job as Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary :roll:

"but I don't like swearing on a public forum" Well that did not stop you using the full word in earlier postings as well as your rather bizarre continuous use of the word s**t
Let us all go down to the Plaza and pay homage to the statue St Kev Tyler.
You never know there might be a start of religious pilgrimages :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kinchy
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You sound like Yoda from Star Wars, "being pompous you are" absolutely hilarious.
Here we have St Kevin throwing the insults yet again, but as I have said many times, your words only confirm what I think of you, and name calling should be taken back to your local playground.

So, you think that every or very many members here are right wing immigrant haters?
Proof of that would be nice, but I am sure that several people would take serious offence to such a broad unfounded pernicious accusation.
Some people are considered anti Semitic, that is absolutely laughable.
One has only to consider where Corbynski was for a Passover party and the company he kept for 4 hours, joining in with their hate filled rantings.
Not anti Semitic ? Well if not why has nothing been done to remove those within his party such as Comrade Livingstone?
As the last party conference in Brighton has shown, Labour is now the party of bigots and thugs, where Jew haters are cheered and the BBC’s political editor has to have her own personal security protection simply to attend.

Trying to make peace :lol: :lol: Of course he was . Was he going to ask them why they were firing rockets at Israeli settlements? Of course he was. So by your reply you admit that these groups also murdered innocent children? Warrington and Enniskillen come rapidly to mind.
Any decent opposition politician would distance themselves totally from such evil groups , but instead Corbyn stands in silence in memory of dead IRA murderers.
I would have no meetings with such evil.
Such a nonsensical justification borders on the totally ridiculous :shock:

Well I suppose it is better than them being addressed as Comrade, but then there might not even be a House of Commons in a wonderful Marxist state.
By Jimbo1916
Why don't you push off and join your mate George aka Paulja on Torrevieja247.

He's a potty mouth just like you and also a t*sspot :D
By Kinchy
Ah so now all posters on here are not immigrant hating right wingers flip flop flip flop
Hahaha Now you have been exposed for your insulting comments you back track faster than an Italian WW2 tank.
People on here are not not please do read your posts before you submit them. You tell me to learn to use the facilities, but at least I have a good command of language and grammar.
How many times do I have to tell you that your insults carry no weight with me, in fact they only show how limited and totally shallow your opinions really are.
Oh I do know you and your "normal" persona only hides your deep loathing of anything other than your socialist views.

You cannot teach me anything in any way whatsoever, and I could not give a flying whatsit about your road to Damascus conversion. In fact if your conversionn is epitomised by your nonsensical rantings, then goodness knows what you were like before :shock:
Genuinely - really I suppose I would compare your "genuine" stance to Hitler when he was really genuine towards Chamberlain.
Your insulting behaviour and words will not be forgotten by me and as I have said before I will ,if I disagree with your opinions, state my opposition to those thoughts .

Your perceived olive branch has only one place for you to put it - where the sun does not shine :shock:
By TVTechnology
It is my observation, that behind a keyboard some people really do get overly het up and I suspect in reality, they are probably quite nice people?

So I am of mixed parentage - I have Jews, Christians & as of a few years ago a Muslim joined my family (married in) So we have Jews married to Christians & Jew married to Muslim. I've got friends with different skin colours, backgrounds and religions.

It's safe to say, i've has an open-minded upbringing about religion as have been brought up with different religions around me, a general attitude of religion is not as important as the way people behave. That is what I was told - not to judge anyone, other than purely based on their behaviour.

I do not think Corybn is a racist - I think there will always be racists in any party and clearly not something that should happen - I think this has been blown out of proportion. I can't see if labour were to get in the Jews being sent to the gas chamber :?

It is about time that in schools, they spent more time teaching kids acceptance and understanding of others and WE MUST get along - rather than religious bodies - claiming our god is better than yours - which of course is bollocks, as there is no provable god and why do we even support religion when it simply divides us ?

The truth is we are all the same, want the same things, family, health & happiness.

The problem is simple, too much hate and not enough love. Almost every non-sporting TV program, murder, guns, violence - feeding us, monkey see, monkey do - and guess what, we are monkeys, just with a little less hair and ever so slightly more intelligent.
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By TVTechnology
I think we have a lot of frustrated pensioners on this forum, whose views reflect a different generation.

It would be nice to see a little more positive, than negative - though nature of forums is for people to squabble opposing views & I've said before also - I take with a pinch of salt, as do not believe we have a current solution - not only in the UK, but worldwide as to something approximating the human race working together - rather than self-serving politicians & a structure which is both morally & financially ineffective - which is why Corbyn or May, probably in real terms makes little odds - anything but Trump or the KGB/FSB dictator Putin, who both are in a different league to the politics and politicians (however inept) we have in the UK.

I wonder after all of the debates, those who live in Spain & have lived in Spain long term have the faintest idea of the politics of the country they live in? The answer for many is no. So playing dumb, not voting in Spain, living here for years and all good - but moan about politics in the UK and Brexit :D
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