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By bladesboy1
Could anyone give me an Idea of what an electric bill average for a two bedroom flat costs with only two people living in it. We are working out our costs of living over there. Thanks.
By Deb64
This question has been asked loads of times and is very hard to get a comparison.
It will depend on what kw your property is receiving 3kw or 5wk most newer homes are 5wk. It is cheaper to be on the duel night/day tariff if you are going to be the sole users in the home, its no good if you have family & friends using it as they wont stick to the times.
I have 5kw, only two of us, hot water and cooking is gas also heating in the winter so our electricity is the washing machine, computer and domestic appliances and the monthly bill is around 92euros we are not on the dual tariff. I have heard of people saying theirs is only 60euros it really does depend on what you use.
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By bladesboy1
Thanks for your prompt reply, It seems quite expensive compared to here in the Uk. My Electric bill is £ 35 a month and I cook with electric. My dual bill per month is £ 75 and the heating is always on constant in the winter months. We are looking at re locating but finding out what our out lay will be. We are though concerned about the medical insurance that also sounds expensive. Lived and worked in Spain before for 18 years but it has changed so much. :?
By Deb64
Yes the standing charge is quite high for people who aren't here all the time, you are being penalised for not using electricity by the sounds of it.
By cameron
If you are with Iberdrola and you have a smart meter you can download an app. from their web page and you can choose 8 hours per day cheap electric. You can split the hours as and when you wish ie. maybe you cook each evening but on Sundays you have dinner during the day, you just go on to app and press the time you want for the following day. My son says he saves 50euros a month on his bill.
By retire1day
Just had a look at my highest bill for last August with a few days running to September for a two bed apartment. I am on 5.75kw, I have two A/C units. 4 people having showers on electric hot water, when I was there I had the A/C on for most of the night, I am on night / day tariff, cheaper of a night to morning and the bill was €81. The place was full for the entire time above. I am going to have a pellet burner put in for the colder months, you can program these etc. I remember when i was looking t buy a place and I was over there in Feb about 19 years ago, it was below freezing of a night on the coast. Even with the electric heaters plugged all day and night where we were staying it was freezing. I am not sure about recent new builds but the one I have does not really retain the heat in Winter.
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