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By orangepicker
Just driven through Los Montesinos and it appears that there is to be a new shop opening sell CBD opposite lottery shop next to the Bank
Signs up but no opening date shown
By Capricorn91
Hi, I'm in the UK but thought I would add my two pennarth to this conversation. I started taking this 2 months ago for fibromyalgia and can feel a difference in the level of pain and the frequency. My son also takes it for anxiety and we both take a difference stronger one as and when required for sleep. I would recommend that you read up on the endocannabinoid system first because you need to understand how it works to get the dosage and level right for yourself. People who try and say it doesn't work haven't used it to the maximum effect for their own condition. You need to wake up the endocannabinoid system and start slowly with 1 drop 3 times a day, then increase by one drop each week until you find the level that suits you. I went too far when I was starting out which resulted in headaches and restlessness at night. If you are taking prescribed medication, leave a 2 hour gap either side as the enzymes in the oil will react with the medication.
By jimny1
Its a shame the NHS doesnt prescribe this but with pharmaceutical companies unable to make a profit on its non- exclusivety it probably wont happen
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By Wendy
I also use it for pain, it also helps me sleep and it is a great help with anxiety and stress,
I use Molytor days, access, 320mg CBD, full spectrum hemp extract 10ml
I use 2 drops under my tongue 3 times a day,
I did try another which didn't suit me but this one does,
I was against trying it at first as I am so anti drug, but with lots of reassurance from my daughters 1 who is a nurse and 1 who loves to research things I tried it, I really dont want to be without it now, I am having a knee replacement on Friday so I have had to stop taking it for 3 days before as it thins the blood a little, but I shall be back on it as soon as I wake up. :D

I am aslo in the UK, the info Capricorn91 has given is spot on
By TVTechnology
I was against trying it at first as I am so anti drug


Alcohol is a drug, kills thousands each year.
Cigarettes, worse still.
Pain killers (opiates) prescribed by doctors are of the amphetamine group - speed. Which is believe it or not what they used to prescribe even to kids?

Cannabis doesn't kill anyone.

Above all physically addictive, Cannabis is not. No withdrawal.

Nor does it make people violent or shoot each other. It doesn't generate any tax and the pharmaceuticals don't like you growing your own medicine, so what you are told or have been told in the past, is purely to put you off - the fact is compared to most other meds it is way better as is natural, not a compound of synthesized crap, with hidden side effects.

I have a severe medical condition which can give me violent stomach pain, which I liken to being randomly stabbed when you least expect it. Meds given to me by doctors have nasty side effects, nausea amongst other things - when it hits, I feel rough very quickly.

I discovered one or two lugs on a vaporizer with the demon cannabis (no tobacco or combustion), within 2 minutes made my cramps & nausea disappear. Suprised at how quickly and how well it worked. No side effects.

I've known people with back issues & other muscle related disorders which also use with positive effects. I even told the specialist/doctor in Spain I was using a part of my own 'holistic' therapy - I wanted to make sure didn't have any adverse effects mixing with other drugs - he said is fine.

I would say to anyone contemplating - forget the nonsense you've been told over the years, the healing properties of Cannabis have been known for 1000's of years & it's only politics and greed which have hindered the use of this, by making people class Cannabis as a bad thing, but it's ok to drink booze, which is 1000 times worse, but that's legal, so it's not perceived as a drug, but it is and so much worse for you than the demonised weed.

Spain is more tolerant than the UK anyway & you can grow your own medicine here should you so wish, just don't be selling any - personal consumption only. You can take your plant and make your own, much stronger oil. On the internet, Rick Simpsons cure for Cancer (and other serious medical disorders). The CBD oil you can buy does offer lots of benefits, though really does depend on the strength and type of problem you are trying to treat.

Part of the issue is also the reason why we have CBD oil and not CBD+THC oil, is that to purchase the THC (the element that gets you high) is still illegal to sell, so they separate it out. The THC also is a contributing factor in the overall healing - but aside from legality buying (not legal, but you can grow own plant) - it does have the affect of making you high, which for treating someone medically, have to watch your dose carefully, as unlike CBD on it's own - THC will affect your state of mind, which you need to be cautious with as can't walk around all day stoned - well most of us who live in the real world can't.
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By Wendy
There you go you see I dont drink or smoke either, and only take over the counter pain killers cant even take codene with feeling spaced, not feelings I enjoy, I do however love CBD oil :D :D
By TVTechnology
I would never take pharmaceutical painkillers long-term, as it is a downward spiralling path anyway, within a couple of weeks your body adapts to them so change to another, stronger, up dosage etc - masks the problem, doesn't fix it and clearly has a risk of getting you hooked on some very strong (prescription) drugs. Hence the huge opiates/ painkillers problems in the USA - where people who cannot get their prescriptions anymore, have believe it or not (some ) have turned to Heroin in desperation.

Not quite sure how mentally you make the jump from prescription painkillers to Heroin, though clearly, some people must be in a desperate state to get to that stage. So putting it all into comparison a little CBD oil or Vaped (preferably rather than smoked) Cannabis can help with a number of medical problems.

Around a year ago, the medical board of the USA cracked & finally made a statement 'cannabis may help to cure cancer' hmm. It has cured some people of certain types of cancer - but would not want to get people's hopes up if dealing with something of that magnitude - as the local or usual CBD oil won't do it - you'll need to make your own or get someone to make it for you as is CBD + THC = both around 20% very strong.

Medical uses. ... NABIS.html
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By Wendy
I have a huge fear of addiction (although I love food :lol: ) I have been on diclofenac for a few months which I have hated doing and this Friday I have a total knee replacement, I am hoping the pain killers will be a thing of the past when I recover especially with the CBD oil I will be taking.
By TVTechnology
(although I love food :lol: ) I have been on diclofenac for a few months which I have hated doing and this Friday I have a total knee replacement, I am hoping the pain killers will be a thing of the past when I recover especially with the CBD oil I will be taking.
Stating the obvious - if it's your knees and you love your food - not being rude, the more you weigh, the more strain you'll put on your knees. Keep fit.

Keep moving, mobile - no marathons, but gentle walking, swimming etc. I saw an interesting UK TV show with people all on pain killers.

Group 1 were given pain killers as normal
Group 2 were given placebo pills and exercise
Group 3 had their pain killers taken away and made to exercise only.

They were all on pain killers - usual suspects - back, knees, joint pains etc - after 3 weeks the group which had a the best measurable improvement - the ones that exercised and had their pain killers taken away, the second best performing group was the placebo + exercise and the worst group in terms of wellbeing and overall feeling - those on generic pain killers.

As long as you are wary about the addictive properties of the strong painkillers - you won't allow yourself to become addicted.
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