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By sealord
IPTV box, are they any good, am using a dream box at the moment, is the 256 better. ?
By Aviator
I don't know whether the MAG 256W is any better than a Dream box but the MAG 256W I purchased suffered from an overheating problem. After being on for around 3 hours it would stop working. Unplugging its power lead for 10 mins then reconnecting allowed it to work again for a few hours before overheating again. The problem seems to be due to a complete lack of air vents on the underside of the unit. This prevents cooling air from circulating through the unit. I believe the older MAG 254 box had air vents on its underside.

I opened up my MAG 256W box, unscrewed the PCB from the plastic base panel and drilled many small holes all over the plastic base. Since my modification, the overheating problem has disappeared and the unit delivers very good pictures on 1080 HD channels.

It is possible that later versions of the MAG 256W have improved ventilation but it is something you should check before buying.
By TVTechnology
Aviator is on the money. Forget any version of the 256 - they are basically flawed.

The MAG 256 is best avoided. We pulled the plug on supplying these as experienced similar problems with heating and reliability - Informir denied everything, but we have sales staff in different countries, all reported the same. Avoid.

MAG 322 thus far, seems ok - though we do supply these, we have also found alternative models which presently seem a little better - faster/smaller - but cannot give too much away ;-) Of the Infomir boxes, the 322 is likely to be the best option - though overall, over the last few years i've not been too impressed with the MAG hardware - the user interface is good, but the units themselves are a bit well, MEH..

The 322 does NOT have the vents underneath as the older 250/254 - so in that respect (possibly unwisely) is the same as the 256 hmmm. Having said that i've not seen a broken 322 yet after a few months and office test box is ok, still a little wary about their product testing/quality control.
By rugbymad
hi TV tech.
We are looking at tv and internet provider - English channels.
Can you pm me with service and area you provide?
we are located at Dream Hills Los Altos
By TVTechnology
rugbymad wrote:
Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:42 am
hi TV tech.
We are looking at tv and internet provider - English channels.
Can you pm me with service and area you provide?
we are located at Dream Hills Los Altos

Internet wise we work with a larger commercial partner - in order to advise you correctly - we need to check the coverage if you could email us your address or google map location, I can then advise you further -

In terms of TV we offer all systems - satellite for free to air & also official Sky if required. Also different IPTV services and packages. if you can advise of the type of content/facilities you require, I can also email you down some further information.

If you wish to discuss any of the related matters, I can also be contacted on the office number 966783944

By TVTechnology
Thanks for all replies, guess i will stick with Dream box for now.
As long as you don't get a 256, as you'll be sending it back within a few months :oops:
By happyhotspur
Rugbymad - from bitter experience I would if possible take a trial of any iptv supplier before buying a subscription and if not then I would not recommend taking out a subscription for more than 3 months to give you time for you to thoughly test the service over a period of time and test all the different services available on the box , like the EPG, Video On Demand and catch-up, make sure your supplier will also be able to replace any faulty boxes, there may be other set top boxes that can develop issues so you want to ensure replacements are available
Also ask neighbours if they have any issues with their Internet Service Provider signal, or if they too have an iptv paid service are they satisfied. You need to have a stable internet speed for iptv to work, if your ISP (Broadband) signal is unstable that will lead to problems using iptv.
As for the Mag256 I am somewhat perplex that I was recently supplied this very box from my iptv supplier as a replacement to my previous brand new box that I encountered issues with in particular the supplied EPG which the manufacturer admitted had issues but where hoping to fix by the end of March
My supplier failed to inform me of this known issue hence the box change
When the technician fitted the Mag256 he made no mention of thier unreliability issues highlighted on here, so am worried that if mine suddently develops this issue would I be able to replace it.
Personally I would always ask others that have the boxes and paid services for their opinions and recommendation
Its a minefield out there
By TVTechnology
You can always replace boxes under warranty.

Manufacturers & distributors accept returns and usually test & replace with newer circuit boards without question. Which is a new box - likely to have a modified circuit board, but would not expect the manufacturer to admit this.

Having said all of the above the box manufacturer denies this experience with the 256's, but will fix returns with official RMA number.

As an aside, I am not impressed overall with the solidity of the MAG hardware - though the new 322 does appear a little more solid and so far ok, but we still prefer some newer alternatives - which general feedback is positive on.

With any IPTV service - it will only be as good as your internet - often we do live tests for people to check & it is something unfortunately people need to be aware of, that their internet service provider is (a) up to the job (b) not doing anything naughty such as throttling, which conveniently does not show up on a speed test.

When some companies are offering 4-6Mbs in today's internet market - it tells you what we are dealing with locally. 100 wireless companies all interfering with each other, recommendations for service from nearby neighbours is important - and those who use with a TV service.

I have just advised one client to switch from Telecable to Telfy in his location. He got 4Mbps with Telecable & TV when he phoned during the day was problematic - but TV service was fine - ISP issues, a swap to Telfy gave him up to 8-10 and issues disappeared. All of the clients' issues during the day were related to this - change of provider solved.

To summarise - 2 services are required for TV - Internet & TV - people phone up and say I have a TV problem - do you? or is it an internet one? The internet will affect the TV. This has to be checked/qualified with all providers and as we are in Spain many of these wireless local ISP's are secondary and some of them do have the odd or more than odd issue.

Another thing to be aware of is 'dodgy practices' if an ISP has their own TV service & you are using another service from a different company- it is possible (although not allowed), that they can cause an issue or two to encourage you to use their own TV service - underhand business practices.

These type of wireless transmission systems only exist due to the failure of investment in infrastructure of Movistar - the problem is often these companies, clash with frequencies, speeds vary depending on distance to transmitter - then the moment the holiday season begins, these service providers haven't bought in enough bandwidth, so seek to throttle portals or individual services - which of course when the individual gors to speed test does not show up, nor does it give any indicator of stability.

So, best sometimes to just ask a neighbour for internet - as others opinions will be based on location.
By chrisz
rugbymad wrote:
Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:42 am
hi TV tech.
We are looking at tv and internet provider - English channels.
Can you pm me with service and area you provide?
we are located at Dream Hills Los Altos
We're also in Dream Hills and had English tv and internet installed last year from OLE.

We pay 25 euros a month for both - and get all the main UK TV channels (some in HD) plus many others.

Also get TV channels dubbed in Spanish but can then change language to English.

Fibre is pre-installed in Dream Hills and OLE will connect your house to it.

Speeds are excellent and we also use Mobdro and Live Net TV which we stream to our TV for Sky Sports, Premier Sports etc.
By happyhotspur
Hi chrisz am surprised you get Mobdro and Live Net TV and can watch live sports without interruptions.
Do you use a generic andriod box with pre installed KODI loaded or have you downloaded those two yourself?
Just interested as have tried both but found them often pixilating and freezing
By chrisz
Downloaded both Apps onto my Samsung tablet. Mobdro no longer works as the Android system is too old (4.0) but Live Net TV does. Then connect the tablet to the TV with an HDMI cable (had to hunt for ages for the right HDMI cable).

Both Apps are also on my Fusion 5 tablet (and working) which has a mini HDMI to HDMI and do the same to the TV.

I watch a 'minority' sport - Rugby League - and can usually watch a match with only a couple of interruptions from time to time - doesn't spoil it too much for me - except when Wigan Warriors lose!

You can also bluetooth it if the phone and TV are bluetooth enabled.

Never had an android box as I'm happy with the English TV from OLE so can't comment about reception on them, I just remember advice that KODI can be a pain so I never bothered.
By Manc-Mark
I use the standard Android box that i bought off eBay and have LiveNet TV, Snappy Streams, Mobdro and Kodi running fine with no problems, I have Fibre to the Home with 30Mb limit but I get well above this.

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