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By munroist3308
Beware Bingo is illegal in Spain. Cheers bar in San Miguel was raided by the police last night. Passports and driving licences were photcopied. All the money dabbers and pens were confiscated. The bar will probably get a hefty fine.
By cameron
Inn at the Green in Entrenaranjos had the same last month, tv’s, sound equipment confiscated, don’t know the outcome. The way the Spanish buy lottery tickets and all the new ORENES gaming bars have just opened everywhere why are they so against bingo?
By orangepicker
Bingo is not the problem its the fact that the bars do not have the right licences to allow gambling on site
By cameron
My understanding is that it is impossible to get a license.
By old boy
Karen Jones wrote:
Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:13 am
I thought you could have bingo as long as money is not the prize?

Money is always the prize, but not necessarily in a direct manner. Whether the prize is a free drink, a free meal or a cuddly toy, they all have a financial base.

This has been debated for years and years. People need to accept that the Spanish authorities consider that playing bingo in bars/cafes is against their laws and rules, so they shouldn't be surprised that from time to time that the police crack down on it. Last year, they did a sweep through Benidorm to put a stop to it, and now it is along the Orihuela Costa area.

If bar/café owners are going to flaunt the laws/regulations, then they have to accept the consequences.
By Info
Yes you find the type of age group that plays bingo are hardened criminals and they keep the Policia very busy :roll:

By old boy
Info wrote:
Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:12 am
Yes you find the type of age group that plays bingo are hardened criminals and they keep the Policia very busy :roll:


Neither are you a hardened criminal if you travel a few kph over the speed limit or fail to wear seat-belt, but you are breaking the law and therefore have to suffer the consequences if caught doing so.

The Spanish authorities view bingo as a form of gambling, and they are free to take what actions the deem are appropriate. When in Rome, and all that.
By Info
Well old boy like everything else in life the world is not black and white rather it is tinged with grey as is the law. I had a root around and Karen is quite correct in that as long as you are not making a profit and money for the bingo doesn't directly change hands it is legal. All this came about because in Old Folks Homes and Centres games were being organised and eventhough it was only a cent the powers that be decided they were breaking the law. Valencia is the only place where it is not illegal for old folks and centres to organise bingo games for small amounts of money.

Now to come to the bars etc. here is what the link says: ... utorizados

"The mere fact that in a cafeteria or nursing home they organize a game of bingo, despite what people may think, is not illegal, because the game in question is not forbidden; That's right, you can play, what you can not do is make money with it. And that's why, from time to time, news comes out that this or that cafeteria has been closed for organizing a bingo game ... because the owner was making money! So in those cases where there is no profit there is no major problem.
For example a cafeteria could organize a game of bingo, but not selling the cards, but giving them away with a drink, for example; "Have a beer with a potato omelette and participate in our bingo." Things like that are allowed; Now, preferably, the winning prize should not be money, but an object, such as a leg of ham or a television. It is also typical to see bingo games in some clubs (yes, that's right), because as a way round it with certain drinks you can play and win a trip, a motorcycle, alcohol-free bar, etc. Party on!"

By cameron
Well all the bars I know including the one closed by the Police the landlords made absolutely nothing other than profit on the drinks. the government will not issue licences for bingo and in our area will not issue music licences for entertainment.
By Info
Cameron it wouldn't make sense for a bar to get a bingo licence as they are €36000 - annually I presume - and you have to adhere to other strict regulations. As the article says the game of bingo is not illegal what is illegal is making a profit from it. So if you give out the card free with a drink or a meal then that covers you as long as you are not charging directly for the card or offering money as a prize. I am sure if you are complying with the above criteria you can challenge it in the courts if the Policia come calling.

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