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By nmathie
I have Sky in England with multi room, full package, could I bring a box over to Spain with the card and watch all channels I have on my package. (football, movies etc..)
We currently only have the free channels in Spain accessed via a large satellite dish.
Will I have to tune the sky box in , or is it just a matter of unplug the free to air box and plug in the sky box (to the satellite dish)
Thank you
By satandpcguy
Yes, all you have to do it disconnect your current box,and connect up your sky box.
No "retuning" is required.

A Sky box will work fine even with one cable.
The second cable is only required of you want to watch one channel and record another channel at the same time on a Sky+HD box.
With just the one cable you will not be able to watch one channel and record another at the same time... only one thing at a time with one cable.
If you do have a Sky+HD box, and only one cable, then you may have to pop the box into single feed mode to tell it to us only 1 input only...otherwise you may get "no signal" messages when the box tried to use the unconnected input 2.
By nmathie
Many thanks for the replies , will have a go with the box when we come over on Saturday

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