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Please does anyone know what the pipes are for that are being laid and causing so much disruption to traffic all over Los Altos ? They seem to start at Torrevieja Hospital and head for.... somewhere. I have seen nothing in the local freebies. And can't find anything on the internet. Thanks.
By gardner8
At this moment there is a very large hole just up from the Consum at las altos into which is being lowered a ver large metal tank ?
By grange
Noone seems to know but could be main sewarge because of all the new developments no on its way down through Los Altos to the Aldi locaction and AP7 where the is considerable new housing and a supermarket site
Interesting info. Thanks. The pipe being laid in the work in La Cinuelica and Los Altos does look different from the stuff by the hospital. But what on earth are those dirty big black square tanks for? I've seen about three or four in the holes or waiting on low loaders. You don't store electricity in tanks. Could be sewerage or god help us water for human consumption. Any news on these tanks anybody?

Any response from Hidragua ? The disruption is very bad now as the holes and trenches they dig are getting bigger and longer. I'm not a civil engineer (or even an uncivil one) but they seem to be making a production out of the exercise. Any news or facts from anyone please.
By gardner8
No reply from water company. I am led to believe the tanks are to do with sewage and the various coloured conduit is anybody's guess. Some of us live in hope there might be fibre optics in there somewhere :roll:
Try not to be ill for a few weeks because the ambulance will never find you in time.
By soapydave
Black tanks are for black water,(waste water& sewerage) ,Blue tanks water for human usage, full blue pipes or black pipes with a blue line along them is for human usage,
sewerage pipes are usually concrete if a main sewer ,pipes leading to a main sewer can also be concrete or black or grey plastic, plastic usually lead to a manhole then concrete lead to the main sewer,
orange or red conduit is usually for fibre optic or such like
yellow gas,
blue water
grey telecoms ,

Many thanks Mick. Very useful. Bee

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