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By Mrs Nelson
Hi guys.

Is the 300 to 600 euros that I have been told is a normal fee for installation totally justified.

According to you tube, it’s a 2 hour job,

I understand a certificate and Inspection is required for purpose of the units guarantee, this adds another 150 apparently to the bill.

Has anyone installed their own ?
By alan p
Hello Mrs Nelson,
I paid 230e for installation and delivery, It does take around 2 Hours to fit.
I was also told that you had to get a safety certificate but when I asked the store I purchased it from they said I didn’t need one but to make sure I contacted the manufacturer they also told me that I didn’t need one. I also bought the stainless pipe but could have saved a lot just buying the normal stuff. I have had a pellet stove for 2 years now and I’m really happy with it.
Regards Alan.
By brownbread
Never heard of a Safety Certificate before, has anybody had a certificate for a Log Burner no, have had 2 pellet burners over the last 4 years.Must say have stainless steel pipe work don´t go for cheap pipe work, think they are great, cheap to run, depending on what pellets you buy, with the Co Op if you have a account and buy 70 bags within a certain time (ie one pallet ) we will pay 4.05 a bag instead of 4.25, would not buy cheap ones and those from Repsol garage are good.
By Mrs Nelson
Thanks very much guys

My mate bought a unit for 900 from merlin, then he paid about 350 for installation and then apparently another deuce for the special pipe and the manufacturer wouldn’t guarantee the unit without a bloke from Alicante charging another 150 for his inspection.

I was just wondering what’s the score with the stainless steel pipe

By freddo
The Ferreteria on CV855 called Miano has a good range in stock and seem a lot cheaper than where the expats go
By alan p
Hello Kev,
I bought mine from Aki’s and dealt with a member of staff called Augusto. He was very helpfull nothing was to much trouble for him. He also speaks very good english which was very helpfull too. Alan. The Model I bought was a Panadero.
By Mrs Nelson
I don’t deny anyone their right to earn a crust, 200 euros isn’t a bad price for two hours work I guess, but I’m hearing some stories that 300 to 350 is closer to the fee in my area,

I don’t want to be horrible but it’s basically knocking a six inch hole in the wall and gluing the flu pipe on isn’t it ?

I might need to change jobs, thanks for all the advice.

By soapydave
when installing wood/pellet burner, you need an outside vent to allow air into the room were said burner is installed,and a carbon monoxide detector fitted in said room .
By Mrs Nelson
Yes mate you are right,

My neighbour had a fire that cost 2500 supplied and fitted, I went over to look and it’s a basically a trailing power lead to supply electricity, not hard, and a six inch hole drilled in the wall with 2 meters of pipe drilled to the outside wall. This unit has not had an external pipe to supply fresh air to the combustion chamber added.

A 3 hour job apparently, that any diy er could do .....HOWEVER ....

If these units are coming from the factory and require a full technical inspection from a third party or the installer, well that’s another kettle of fish, but I’d like to hope that they are tested before being dispatched

By Mrs Nelson
Hi guys

Does anyone know if the work carried out by a Brit affiliated to corgi or hetas or gas safe in the uk or whatever is recognised as competent here in Spain for the purpose of the guarantee.


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