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Just been on to TELEAST from the UK to suspend my Internet connection following a power outage which rendered it useless. I use it all year round because I have an internal security camera connected to my router. The guy refused point blank to suspend it because he said I “have to do it from the office”. I had already sent them an email making this request but this guy was the most unhelpful person I’ve came across in a long time. I even tried to convince him to be more helpful by advising him that if he remained unconvinced of who I was I would just cancel the contract altogether next time I am in Spain but he remained stubbornly belligerent towards me and hung up the phone! Guess where my first stop will be when I get there?

Has anybody else had a similar situation?
Roll it in glitter Brexit

And let us hope h does :lol:

Erde trailer

cheers fred

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