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I’m thinking of changing my gas water heater which is housed outside, I have had it repaired a couple of times . Can anyone recommend a decent one?
I’m also thinking of going to Leroy Merlins. The one I have is a Cointra. Thanks for any info. Alan.
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By cyclemad
Our gas boiler had almost conked out, we suspected we needed a replacement. On another forum found Dave Farr (Tel: 650 563 239). Contacted him around 11am one morning, new boiler fitted and working by 2:30pm same day. Circa 440€ in total IIRC

Excellent, efficient, friendly service, all rubbish tidied away, would thoroughly recommend.
Hello cyclemad, Thanks for the recommendation but I think I have managed to solve my problem. The boiler cannot cope with the cold weather we are having because now its warmed up from this morning it now working.I had the pipes put above ground because we had 2 bad leaks. I will be ordering some lagging from the UK and see if that sorts it out. I cannot find anyone here that sells it. Thanks again. Alan.

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