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By Neil Riding
Try gabapentin and an epidural after 2 years of pain it worked for me
By Karen Jones
Thank you for all of the positive comments. I do hope to get back to normal. I wish it was summer so I could swim.
By soapydave
Karen ,
I started with a bad back this time last year went on for 6weeks, tried all sorts ,your problem could,nt get out of bed,last resort paid went to see a doctor , went at 9am he saw me, wrote two prescriptions for me told me to go back when I,d bought said prescriptions,went back took one tablet ,had one injection pain had drastically reduced bye 3pm, went back each morning for a further 5 mornings for injection pain totally gone in a week,The doctor was the one just thru the arches going into Quesada on the right,
total cost including seeing doctor and prescriptions around €80 to 90.
By Karen Jones
Why did you go private?
Any idea what was in the injection?
I saw our top doctor who is excellent. I asked for an injection but he told me there was no point as it was the same medication as the tablets.
I gave up on the tablets and just take ibruphen when needed.
Oh and I am back to square one as I did too much last Sunday.
Three months now!
By soapydave
went private because my NHS DOCTOR kept fobbing me off in uk,it was a steroid injection and the tablet as a muscle relaxant cant remember what it was called,
when I was back in uk and told my nhs doctor, he was more concerned of how much I,d paid than anything,as if to say I could have done that if you,d a paid me. he never offered too, so much for patient care.
aye and a thought you,d a charged me a dam sight more ,greed the root of all evil
By Karen Jones
I saw two different NHS doctors, in Spain. Both give tablets, one offered an injection which I didn't accept. The other doctor said an injection was a waste of time! ??
By Karen Jones
Finally got a diagnosis. Osteoporosis. Four and a half months of pain.
If anyone out there is having back problems please go to the doctors. Don't ignore it like I did for years!

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