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heilan'lassie wrote:
Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:53 pm

No charges whatsoever. Free debit cards. Free credit cards.
From a review on Bank accounts in Spain on Evobanco:
An account for non-residents is not allowed and the website’s services recently went back to ‘Spanish only’ as reported by its users.#

Hardly fit for purpose for the OP.
By jimbofz
from op
well then it looks like bankinter is in the lead
bankia ,i dont want to constantly monitor ballance to stay above 2000euros i expect if you dip below they will hit you with penalty charges
just for the record i accept, we as non residents have to pay charges
its just that sabadell charges are excessive any more opinions please?
By Aviator
I have had an account with Bankinter since 2002 and found them easy to deal with. They have a good "English language" online website which I find convenient and easy to operate. As has been said already, banking in Spain is not free in the way it has been in the UK but I have not found Bankinter's charges to be exorbitant. Over the past 18 months I paid a €22.50 Administration charge every 6 months and €25 (every three years) for a debit card. It is a joint account in the names of myself and my wife. Having a joint account may increase the administration charges that are incurred.
By Info
We are with Banco Popular and I have had a look at the 12 months charges up to 31st Oct 2017. The first 6 months were €39.20 and the second 6 months up to 31st Oct are €41.60. A grand total of €80.80. We have alll the usual DDs for water/electricity/Comm Charges/Fiscal Rep/Tax/SUMA/Insurance and most banks also charge for lodgements so I presume our's is no different although you pay the standard 50cent for a euro lodgement. Banco Popular has been subsumed into Banco Santander so I wonder what the future will hold. The original poster seems to have charges off the scale. Their on-line service is good and they have a call centre in Madrid and also we can ring the Torrevieja Branch in Maria Prodi if there is a problem.

By seagulls
I'm with Bankia and a year ago they talked me into having their credit card. I should have read the small print because I've never used the card and just been hit with a €34 charge for the privilege of owning one
By Info
Yep we never know the right questions to ask and it is why they are obliged to point out the small print to us. Is the charge levied by the Bank or the Government. We have to pay €40 to the government as a levy for credit cards.


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