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By honey1
The new market is great BUT the gridlocked traffic was unbeleivable, there were police on all the roundabout and the traffic was back up from Macdonalds near carrefour right out to the other side past Keaki and up to the main road then towards Iceland snd towards the needle, what a mess dread to think what will happen when the Aquapark is open !!
By Info
That sounds like a very positive first day honey1. It will probably settle down after a few months. You would have thought with all the different roads it would be easier to get there. Bee
By honey1
It was manic and when the aquapark opens it will be worse and when the season starts it wil be busier still. there were horns blowing and shouting it was unbeleivebale
By Info
I am not a market person but I will definitely put myself through the torture just once fred to see it. Bee
By Info
As a consequence of the large crowds last week there will be 2 buses tomorrow. The first bus will leave the eras de la sal at 8.00am and the next one at 8.20. The service will continue with a 20 min frequency up to 2 pm. They will also put in place bus stops inside the market. Dont know if the bus stops will be in place for tomorrow. A third bus will be in service for the high season.Bee
By honey1
They moved it because if an ambulance or fire brigade was needed in the flats etc it would be impossible, however been to day and it was much better, the market itself is great, it was the roads access last week maybe everyone wanted to see it last week it being the first week
By Info
That sounds better honey1. I think part of the problem last week was that everybody was using the same access route and they asked people to make use of the other 2 routes this week. The Policia were pleased last week that there was an absence of the usual pickpocketers and 3 card trick men. They said the fact that it is an enclosed space with nowhere for them to escape easily to is a deterrent. The Policia are well-aware of who these people are and can keep an eye on them and apprehend them more easily in the new set-up. Time will tell.

By Info
About 2 mins by car if you come across the bridge over the N332.. It is alongside the water park. Bee

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