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By Kinchy
The Daily Mirror is one of the best comics around! As real as the old DC Comics of Batman and Superman ( AKA Corbyn and McDonnell :lol: )

No mention about the £20 billion yes 20 thousand million pounds spent on an illegal was started by George Dubya and his poodle, no mention of the anguish and suffering of service personnel and their families.
When I was a kid the Mirror was cut up into squares and hung in the outside lavvy .
By Kinchy
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yet again no comprehensive understandable reply.
Face it Mrs N you are heading for a total trouncing on June 8th, better get the Valium ordered. 20 plus points lead so far and growing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kinchy
So no challenges yet
Obviously not that much of a comic if you guys are struggling

No challenges because there is yet again the same old rantings posted as a link from a left wing ragbag newspaper ( if I can call it a newspaper).
Face up to it, no matter how much you try to defend the Communists they are going to be destroyed on June 8th, and for their sake of damage limitation the election ought to be tomorrow as they add every day to the obvious incompetence that the electorate sees.
By Kinchy
Yes nurses using food banks ex troops living in doorways.

Yes well poor old Tony let himself down - how much help has he given to those he sent to an illegal war?
Perhaps some of his grubby millions might help a bit eh?
By Kinchy
I understand the blair smokescreen, good move.

A smokescreen - is it too painful to admit that that piece of crap is responsible for half the misery brought upon this section of the community?
By old boy
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Sat May 13, 2017 1:37 pm
I knew it was only a matter of time till the tories blame the problems of the present on Gordon brown,

In actuality, it was not necessarily Gordon Brown's complete fault. But it was a problem caused during the Labour Party's tenure in government that is behind part of the shambles that happened yesterday. This because they tried to implement a new IT system for the NHS and handed the contracts to provide it to just 4 companies. After many billions of pounds had been wasted, and all but one company was left trying to create the new system, the coalition government stepped in and cancelled the project.

It was years behind schedule, it didn't work and the suppliers had exceeded the budget for it many times over. When an investigation was conducted into the project, it was found that it was unlikely to ever work as it was supposed to do, and that the costs involved in trying to complete the contracts was way beyond anything initially envisaged.

It must be pointed out that this happened to a number of contracts for projects that were introduced by that Labour government. Just two of those were the ID card project which, like the NHS contracts for the IT, was way over budget (we're talking billions, here) and running late. And another was the Nimrod contract to upgrade the surveillance aircraft. Way, way over budget, already about 5 years late on delivery and the first plane nowhere near completion, it was just throwing money down the drain for what was basically a tarted up 50 year old design. The RAF now have shiny, brand new airplanes doing the same job, and which cost a fraction of what the old Comets would have cost.
By old boy
Judges wrote:
Sat May 13, 2017 3:54 pm

From the BBC Last Updated: Friday, 23 January, 2004, 15:28 GMT

Warning over MoD kit overspend
The Eurofighter is one of the projects affected by overspend
The Ministry of Defence is facing heavy criticism for an overspend of more than £3bn on major projects.
A National Audit Office study points to mounting costs and late delivery for a number of programmes, including fighter planes, submarines and missiles.

Nearly 90% of the cost overrun was down to four delayed major projects involving the UK company, BAE Systems.

All four are "legacy projects", costly schemes started long before Labour took office and reformed procurement.

The report's publication comes soon after the MoD faced criticism over equipment shortages in the Iraq war.

Yes old boy, neither labour nor conservative could run any sort of stall on that basis.

What a ridiculous example you have chosen. Apart from the fact that the Labour government had been in power for almost 7 years when this report was concluded, some of the extra costs were the responsibility of other European governments and their manufacturers. Labour should have been on top of the increasing budget from the outset in 1997 when they took office.

And it was nothing to do with the previous Conservative government when the Labour Prime Minister, almost single-handed, committed British Forces into a conflict without ensuring that they had the necessary equipment and protection. And again, Labour had been in office for 6 years when Blair decided to send those poorly protected and equipped soldiers into what is now considered to have been an illegal conflict. Something that the world is still paying for in terms of terrorist attacks on civilians and military forces.

And please note, the coalition government cancelled the three big projects I mentioned within months of taking office in 2010. And they would have cancelled the aircraft carrier contract that Labour had entered into, but when the terms and conditions of the contract was examined by the new government, they found that Labour had agreed to pay Bae, the main contractor, more if the contract was cancelled than if they actually completed the job and supplied the two carriers.

Now that really takes some brains, not!
By old boy
The NHS IT fiasco was cancelled just 16 months into the coalition government's term of office. That is somewhat different to 7 years for the Labour government to make sure that the contracts that they had inherited were running smoothly.

And that IT fiasco cost the British taxpayers £12 billion, and it never worked and was highly unlikely to ever work. In addition, about half the GP practices in England had to pay to change their internal IT so that it would communicate with the system that got cancelled. And if you ask most GPs, they much preferred the old system that they were running, and it cost one hell of a lot less than the new one. That is because the system that they were using was created by and for a practicing GP who took early retirement to supply other practices that worked well for the practices.
By Kinchy
That's why it's time for a new type ( or old type maybe ) of politician like Jc.

So back we go to the winter of discontent, power cuts, unburied dead, rubbish in streets bringing rats - yeah really a time for a new old type politician like JC :roll: :roll: :roll:
By Kinchy
The people who don't vote

So how are they disenfranchised :lol:
If they cannot be arsed to vote then they must adhere to the majority
Durr I think that is called DEMOCRACY, something Communist Corbyn has no conception of

You Have proved you are an Idiot. :)

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