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By Rodtoms
Hy Torrytel
I heard somewhere that there is a christmas scratch card.
where would I purchase one from and how much are they to buy

By torrytel
Purchased from ONCE sellers found mainly on street corners or outside major stores. Please read the above Lottery FAQ for all information.
Be lucky
Rasca de Navidad:- This scratchcard costs 5euro. It is mainly green in colour. At the centre of the card are the words “Numeros Ganadores”, below which are 4 “coins” plus a 5th Bonus “coin”. Below these are the words “Tus Numeros”, which are above 10 red parcels. The object of the game is to scratch the coins and the parcels to reveal numbers. If one or more the numbers revealed in the parcels is the same as any of the numbers revealed in the coins, you win the amount shown alongside the numbers in the parcels. If you reveal a number which matches the bonus coin, you win double the amount shown. You can win more than once. The amount won will be between 5 euro and 250,000 euro.
By torrytel
Residency is not an issue. No problem receiving winnings. And what you do with it is between and your fiscal rep'!!
Be lucky
By Adey
Hi Tel, I normally do the national lotteries which are straight forward, but I decided to buy an Once 10€ Navidad ticket for the 1st January, looking at the terms and conditions on their website for participants I came across this bit of information.

La promoción está dirigida a las personas mayores de 18 años con DNI o NIE en vigor, y con plena capacidad de obrar, que residan en territorio español

Which roughly translates to:

The promotion is aimed at people over 18 years old with DNI or NIE in force, and with full capacity to work, who reside in Spanish territory,

Do you think this is just for the special Navidad ticket, or is it a standard Once condition of participation, if so does the word reside to them mean residencia? although it's the work bit I find amusing.
By freddo
torrytel wrote:Residency is not an issue. No problem receiving winnings. And what you do with it is between and your fiscal rep'!!
Be lucky
The amount of Tax due is deducted before you are paid the prize 21% tax on amounts over 2500 euros
By torrytel
Adey....sorry for the late reply, we've been on a cruise to Canaries since 27th December. Your query is a new one for me. I will have to check that out, and reply here.
Be Lucky
By jeffba708
Bought a ticket for Tuesdays euro millions and just checked the ticket and as normal the numbers are flat. However checked the millionaire maker numbers online and they were no where. How ever something did not look right about these letters and numbers so after further investigation it states on the lottery web site that the millionaire maker draw will consist of 4 letters and 5 numbers. Well my ticket only has 3 letters and 5 numbers. When put the tickets into the lottery office before just took it for granted that when they said nothing to collect it was correct. Now it seems that will need to look closely at the number of letters and numbers for the extra draw. Have e-mailed the lottery with a copy of my ticket to find out what is going on.

Also asked why as from end of September last year when the amount of numbers changed that you had to put on you could not collect your winnings the following day but now have to wait until the following draw. Must be earing good interest for a few days not having to pay out so quickly. Will await there answer.
By freddo
You must be looking at the UK million draw numbers you have to look on the Spanish site look for El Million
By jeffba708
Did look on the Spanish site for the euro million maker and has 4 letters and 5 numbers on there. As stated my ticket only has 3 letters and 5 numbers. Anyway the millionaire maker letters and number are the same on either site so really does not matter which site you look at they are all the same. Point is my ticket has a letter short so would have no chance of getting anything.

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