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By reagan
after years of supporting Liverpool I said that when Gerrard leaves then so will I ,and now I hear that greedy little sod Sterling wants more money and is prepared to leave the club that supported him and made him rich so he can get more
And to top it all Stoke inflicted on Liverpool one of the worst defeats in their history
But I will not switch to another team just watch a good match when it is on the TV :evil:
By Peter Ward
Liverpool FC won things in a time when money wasn't God.
They have won more trophies than any other British team.

Go and support moneybags Chelsea,Arsenal or Man City.

Liverpool supporters are a family.
Without doubt the best in the world.

We'll survive without a few mugs. :roll: :roll:
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By Curtains & Blinds
Who are you calling Idiots :?:

That was meant as a tongue in cheek clip for Chas, he knows I am a City fan and this ultimately handed us the title last year.
You need to relax in the sun Peter and try to enjoy yourself a little more.
By redman
In the last 12 months we have had the World Cup , 2 transfer windows , the domestic cup competitions, a wonderful champions league campaign from Barca , with the final still to come, also lately the FIFA scandal , but sadly not many posts about any of that, yet here we are 12 months on still bickering about Gerard's slip , the game between liverpool and Chelsea a few weeks back for example , Chelsea had won the title and their fans shouted Gerard's name , moré Than any of chelseas players. All so called banter, not really, just like this forum , people usually only post on the football section to throw cheap digs at the opposition. For example no posts about Suarez now that he is playing some great football, or do you all only like to comment when he does something wrong , no mention of him against man city for example .
Come on let's get back to the good things about the game,

Many thanks Mick. Very useful. Bee

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