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By brandyboy
Roy Keene honoured to be given chance to walk out on Ireland again

Roy Keene said it was a real honour to be given the post as the Ireland football team’s assistant coach, and he was looking forward to walking out on them as soon as possible.

Keene was at his combative and fiery best at a press conference today as he explained how he would repay head coach Martin O’Neill’s faith in him by working hard at his coaching skills, get the trust of the players, and then walk out on them at the most inconvenient moment.

“I’ve already walked out on Ireland on the biggest stage of all as a player, and I’m confident I can match that effort as a coach” said Keene. “People knock my managerial experience but they forget I have walked out on some pretty decent clubs such as Sunderland and Ipswich.”

When asked about comments made about him by Sir Alex Ferguson, Keene got visibility agitated.

“Don’t believe anything Fergie says. I would have walked out on Manchester United too, it’s just that they were paying me too much – a man has to eat.”

Football pundits hailed O’Neill’s vision in appointing Keene to the assistant coach role.

“The one thing a football team needs to be is united” said Alan Hansen. “After a few months of Keene, they will be sick of the sight of him. The boost to team morale when he walks out will be tremendous.”

Keene said in the brief time before he walks out, he’d like be involved in a match against Norway.

“Hopefully Alf-Inge Håland will be there and I can finish that bastard off for good with a flying two-footed tackle. Though this time I need to make sure it doesn’t look premeditated.”
By JoeMac
I wouldn't agree with you there Curtains and Blinds.

The amount of money Roy Keane gives to charity and other players who have fallen on hard times is as far as I'm aware unique.

Among many 'small' things he has done was recently, when a player in the league of Ireland was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He looked for his number and called him up, drove to his house and sat down with him for a few hours. When he was leaving he handed him €5000. You might say this is nothing much to Roy Keane but this is far from an isolated incident.

This is not hearsay, I know this for fact. ... th-cancer/

In the past I have been professionally involved with many premiership footballers and I can say I hold none in the esteem and high regard I have for Roy.

He was a hard player on the pitch, gave hard and took hard but always frank and honest.

I think he will be good for Ireland - and he is only the assistance manager to Martin O'Neill.

They both have similar pasts:
Both played soccer in Ireland before going to England.
Both started in the UK under Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest.
Both were involved with Celtic - Martin as manager and Roy as a player.
Both managed Sunderland FC
Both played Gaelic Football in Ireland before uprooting.
Both speak their minds and are 100% honest.

John, he was right to walk out in Saipan, he was a professional footballer. He was at the World having been 60% responsible for getting them there.
They were expected to train on a so called 'pitch' with potholes, some of their equipment didn't turn up - balls, bibs etc. He said what others wanted to say and the FAI and Manager Mick McCarthy didn't like what he had to say.
The FAI were happy just to be there but his expectations were more than that.
By brandyboy
I haven't the slightest bit of interest in football Joe, so I know nothing whatsoever about him. I just know the name, that's all.

I just love satire, and this made me laugh on a miserable, wet Spanish day.. It could have been about anyone. :D

I bow down to your superior knowledge about him, and I'm extremely sorry for opening a Pandoras Box.

Just my ignorance of the sport showing through I'm afraid ... :oops:

John x
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By Curtains & Blinds
Any player that can do what he did and write what he did in relation to the incident in his autobiography, is a scumbag.
I suppose that is being a hard player :?: no just a scumbag.
Plenty of players make bad tackles and regret it down the line, but oh no not this lowlife, he writes about it.
Here is just a small snippet.

One of the key passages saw the United skipper admit that he set out to injure Haaland purposefully that day. "I'd waited long enough. I f****** hit him hard," he wrote. "The ball was there (I think). Take that you c***. And don't ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries."

The game is better off without these kind of dicks.
By JoeMac
No problem John, I know you're not into football. To be honest, I don't have much interest in it now and have not been at a game for several years.

I agree with your comment C & B, that incident was sickening and unjustified but I believe his publishers milked it for controversy and he went along with it.
They achieved their goal - that piece got most publicity which equalled massive book sales.

Having said that, he has made a lot of people and charities very happy.
Here in Ireland one of the charities he has given huge support to for the past 10 years is Guide dogs for the blind.

I appreciate how you feel about him, but there is another side to him which I would not consider coming from a scumbag, lowlife or dick
:D :D
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By Curtains & Blinds
Fair enough Joe, lets see how long the partnership lasts, only time will tell.

If Keane can hack being second fiddle to a bloody good manager, it just might prove fruitful for football in the south.
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By Curtains & Blinds
I am glad he never showed him his full repertoire Joe. :lol:

Huge, if he were a City player I would feel the same, so my good friend have a look in the mirror. :wink:
By JoeMac
hugh jorgan wrote:our city fan
He didn't tell me that :lol: :lol:
Curtains & Blinds wrote:I am glad he never showed him his full repertoire Joe. :lol:
:lol: :lol:

He is certainly big box office.

Sky sent cameras to his press conference in Dublin…...and he is only the assistant manager talking about a meaningless friendly. :shock:

When last did they do that??

When asked about his relationship with Martin O’Neill, he said Martin will make him look like Mother Theresa (or Theroysa) :lol: :lol:
By vantage
Curtains & Blinds wrote:Fair enough Joe, lets see how long the partnership lasts, only time will tell.

If Keane can hack being second fiddle to a bloody good manager, it just might prove fruitful for football in the south.
MoN a "bloody good manager"? Do me a favour! He is/was one of those managers who had a perfect fit at a certain club (like Allerdyce & Bolton) and his was Leicester. His performances after that have been very hit 'n miss.

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