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By Sheff_Blade
That was the worst performance I have ever seen by a so called professional referee.

You would have to say that his only defence is to admit that he was bribed because the only alternative is total incompetence!

Absolutely disgraceful!
By Montesinos
why would it amaze people when refs play a blinder for the big clubs? Real Madrid, Barcelona Manure or Liverpool. These clubs always get decisions going their way. It has always happened and probably always will.

Putting that aside, total incompetence is normally about right, although it also must be say who the hell would want to be a ref (although being paid 100e for each game at 2nd regional level would help i suppose).
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By Sheff_Blade
This was far beyond total incompetence, as well as all his other blatant inconsistencies, the referee (Muñiz Fernandez) gave Madrid a dubious penalty in the 95th minute when the fourth official signalled three minutes of injury time. To cap all that, Muñiz already has a track record of this. He refereed the Barcelona-Sevilla match that ended with a last-second win for Barcelona long after the fourth official's added time, and also in that same match he disallowed a Sevilla goal that should have stood.

I believe that he has now been suspended from refereeing in La Liga, and UEFA are considering removing his licence. Not before time. Watch out for him at the Campo Municipal, though I doubt if he dare visit anywhere near Elche for some time!

When you see match fixing in cricket and other sports and consider the amount of money in football, you have to seriously wonder if it exists in cases like this. We all joke about the good fortune of the big teams (Asi Asi, asi gana el Madrid) but if bribery is involved then what's the point? Why spend 70 odd million on Gareth Bale when you can buy Muñiz for less?

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