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Al-Jazeera Sport on August 1st 2013, will launch new channels, and start selling new packages. Jazeera will also be showing Barclays Premier League (BPL) football for the first time, from 17th August when the new BPL season starts.

Jazeera have significantly improved the content of the Full Sports Package (which replaces the Events package), with 4 new Al Jazeera Sports HD channels, and 2 American sports channels Fox Sports and NBA TV also in HD.


Jazeera are also changing our channel line-up. From 1st August 2013 they will have 16 Al Jazeera Sport Pay TV channels (compared to 12 before 1st August), 6 of which will be in Full HD.

To maintain the quality of basic package for existing subscribers, they have not changed the channels included in it (+1 to +8). However these subscribers will now be able to watch Barclays Premier League football on their existing channels.


Which channels will have Barclays Premier League football on them?
Scheduling of channels is still ongoing.

Will I still be able to watch Barclays Premier League on Abu Dhabi Sports?
No. Al Jazeera Sports has the exclusive rights to BPL, so you will need to be an AJS subscriber to watch Barclays Premier League football.

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