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By CathM
I give up I really do. The Venkys have done nothing but ruin a brilliantly well run, family club. Apparently there is a power struggle between Derek Shaw (managing director) who appointed Appleton and Shebby Singh (global scout) who appointed Berg. Neither has spoken to each other since Christmas!!!! Shaw sacked Berg and so Singh got his own back and sacked Appleton. My mum (who has been a season ticket holder for 50 years) has already said she won´t be renewing next season and a lot of fans are saying the same. There is now talk of them going into administration (don´t know how true that is) If they do we will be relegated again. There is talk of a new owner on the horizon but again don´t know how true that is. Jack Straw (Blackburn´s MP) is still waiting for an answer from the FA about a question he asked months ago re Venkys being fit and proper to run the club. There is also all the deals conducted by Jerome Anderson (agent) who has made approx 6 million in agents fees from people who he has signed (not any manager). It stinks, it really does but as per usual it´s the fans who get it in the neck for demonstrating :twisted: :twisted:

By CathM
Don't know, it was there this morning????
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