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By senorfromuk
They must be; Man C have lost their way but not to be written off; Chelsea could become runners-up but if these two money clubs fumble then my beloved Spurs could claim 2nd or even 3rd spot but will have to continue their present form WITH our Super Welshman,Gareth Bale, because Everton are quite capable as is that wily A W's team.
By rightsaidfred
hugh jorgan wrote:corse they are, the rich nosey neybors only just scraped throo on goal diff, this year man u will win with a good points margin, i wonder ow many city players will up sticks coz they aint won sfa
Jumped in a bit quick there ,looks like the FA Cup might be on its way to Manchester, no disrespect to Wigan :D and Bale on his way to Man U :D
By senorfromuk
So Arsenal intend a guard of honour for champions Man U on Sat.? Hmmm, I wonder why? Let's hope Man U repay Spurs the favour. Whatever happens, it's sure to be a nail-biting end for 3rd & 4th.

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