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If You Have Something For Sale Upto & Including 100 EUROS you can advertise it here for free.
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For Items Over 100 EUROS There Is A 5 EURO Charge Which Will Be Paid To A Local Charity. Please PM Gary For Payment Details. All Items Offered For Sale Must Have a Price. Adverts With Make An Offer Are Not Allowed.

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By TVTechnology
Was wondering if this is still the case? Some may not have realised this was implemented in 2009 ! We now have all the local facebook groups & other local forums doing for free!

I thought before wasting my time posting up something at €130, then getting asked to pay €5 on a site with little traffic - I thought I would ask again, as believe based on 'keeping up to date' - this charge should be forgotten now, as it won't help the site much with traffic charging for classifieds, when no one else does?
By TVTechnology
Does Gary still own this, thought it had been taken over by the hosting company?

I wouldn't pay 5 euros in principle as it is totally inappropriate nowadays, given no other forum or facebook page locally charges - (in fact a point Gary missed, with respect, he is builder, not an IT or internet guy), is that the vast majority of companies deliberately offer free classifieds to bring traffic to the websites, which is something that the Torre forum desperately needs, having plunged 90% of it's traffic since the heydays.

The charging for classifieds model, is simply quite a few years out of date - especially on a website with very little traffic and most of the traffic is the old familiars, such as myself and regular posters.

I'd be doing the opposite, promoting the forum, free adverts for private/local - tie it in with a facebook page (should have been done years ago). But clearly it's being just left to tick over, perhaps in the hope a buyer comes along at some point?
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