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By Deb64
Chas, if you don't sell it and are stuck with it you could always donate it to Easy Horse charity and they will come and collect it.
I have just changed my settee and didn't want the trouble of selling it and it was too good to throw away so rang them and they came the next day.
By reagan
Yes this is also too good to throw away and we need all the money possible as it is costing us €12000 to transport our furniture to Germany
Chas this includes all the stuff never used for 18 years so it can be stuck in cupboards in Germany not to be used :roll:
By jimny1
Wouldnt it be cheaper for you to sell everything you have, keep whats sentimental , donate what you cant sell and use the 12,000 euros to buy new stuff ?
I am sure you could get everything you want for less than the transport costs
Just a thought
By reagan
Jimney, then you come to our house and spend some time trying to convince my dear beloved wife that is what we should do and if you succeed you can have one of my war medals as you will have done what I cannot do after 54 year's of marriage :lol:
Hello there,
I notice that you still have not sold your bed. There is a lady looking for a kingsize bed on the quesada forum. I have informed her but do not know how to give her your details. Perhaps you could search her out or pm your email or telephone to me and I will pass it on to her. I told her how much you were asking for it and that she must collect it. I hope this helps as I am aware that you and your good wife are planning to move to be close to your family. May I wish you both all the very best for the future and hopefully, your bed will be sold and away soon!
Good luck.
By reagan
Thanks for trying to help ,it must have been the person and her husband that called ,we are beginning to think it will go with us after all you never know when your wife will kick you out of the matrimonial bed :lol:

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