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By jalfy
Hi everyone, we are looking to move to our place in La Aparecida, Orihuela but the main thing my wife is worried about is our 2 children aged 7 & 8 going to a spanish school.

Any info you could give us which would help us would be appreciated.

RE; Are english children thrown straight in to classes without being able to speak spanish, Do other children tend to bully english children, How have you found that your children have settled in well, Does it put them back alot?

All opinions positive or negative would be a great help.

These may sound silly questions but are some of our main concerns.

Also if anyone could give me some names of good schools in this area that would be great.

Many Thanks
By Menina
My advice would be to get the children used to the sounds of Spanish before moving. The ideal thing would be to find a teacher of Spanish; however, should this be too difficult, there are some tools that you can use, such as his one ... r_children
Other members may be able to help you regarding facilities in your area.
In any case, I would not worry too much . At their age, children learn very fast.
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By emmankyle
I can not speak for the schools in your area as I do not know them. We moved here with an 8 year old boy who spoke little Spanish but had been holidaying here regularly all his life.

When they start school Yes they are put into the main stream with all the other kids however at Rojales where our lad went he was paired with another English speaking boy and had a tutor everyday for Spanish for 6 months. They do pick it up incredibly quickly at that age and full immersion in the Language is probably the best way for them to learn.

As to the issue of bullying, we did have a hiccup with one boy who yes was Spanish. however I think the same as in England bullying is only an issue depending on how you deal with it, we went to the school saw the director who dealt with it efficiently. I do know others who would say differently but each case has to be taken on its own merit, one lady I used to work with dealt with the bullying issue by approaching and in best English spoken loudly, slowly and threateningly told the mother of the Spanish boy to "sort her kid out or she would" as you can imagine this did her child no favours.

My son plays for the local towns Spanish football club and I have found this to be a big help with both the language and the bullying issue, try and put them in a club or sport with Spanish kids so they have a shared goal and interest.

Good luck, If you make the move I hope you have as easy a transition as we did and that you enjoy your new life in Spain as much as my family have.

By wim
i just put my children into the spanish school they sit and listen and befor you know it they understand my son was 7 when he started he is turning 10 in nov and doing well with good grades.dont worry there are english in all school and they do not get bullyed.They will be fine good luck

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