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By bond81
Hi,looking for some advice? We are thinking of relocating to spain and are liking the look of playa flamenca. We are over soon for a look around.What i would like advice on is the school.Is the only one los dolces? Although i was certain an international school would be best for my kids (7 & 4) i am now thinking a spanish school will be best in the long run.The thought of putting them in without them knowing the language fills me with dread but after reading endless forums many are saying the kids end up fluent very quickly? I am looking for a spanish tutor so the kids and myself can start learning some now just so they have at least a head start.Do you think this is the right thing to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
By Deb64
Hi, only you can decide whAt is best for your children, Spanish or international school obviously there is a cost with sending them to the international school as against only paving to pay for books & materials in the Spanish school.
There are two primary schools in the area and supposedly a new one being built which I think is to replace the CP18 school at Los Dolses, the other being CP17 which is on the market rd.
When the kids are of a young age they do learn the language quickly but I would strongly advise that they have lessons when you move out as this will make school a lot easier for the 7yr old. The youngest will pick it up along the way but what you will need to do is teach reading, writing and spelling in English as this isn't a priority in the Spanish school.
My boys where about 7 & 9yrs when we put them in the school at the market rd but both had a good reading and writing skills in English and they then went to Spanish lessons twice a week for over a year once in the school.
It is hard for them at first as the teachers only speak to them in Spanish and all the lessons likewise but the more they learn the language the easier it is for them.
My boys stayed in Spanish school until 16yrs and then went to the international school to get IGCSE,s and then moved back to the U.K to do A levels and are both now at Uni, the oldest boy is off to Barcelona next week as he is doing his third year as a teaching assistant in a school up there. We personally think we made the correct choice with sending them to the Spanish school. Hope this info helps.
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